The sadness in the eyes of the camels

It was the sadness in the eyes of the camels that touched my heart. The innocence and helplessness expressed through their eyes suggested that they had come to terms with the treatment being offered to them. They seemed to have come to terms with their fate, which was predetermined by human beings.

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Last night in Tenerife


The children eventually fell asleep in the car, which is parked on the side road. I cannot wait. Pushing the door open slowly, I breathe in the fresh salty air that feels a bit chilly at this time of the day. Walking straight to the beach, I want to give it a proper farewell, like an ending to a story that has lasted seven days. This my last night in Tenerife. Continue reading “Last night in Tenerife”

The place where my soul belongs to

So here I am, sitting on the soft sandy beach and facing the sea. The longing has eased, the thrill is back. The soft sound of waves, pushing back and forth. It’s my retreat. For some unexplainable reasons, it seems to be where my soul belongs to. It’s just the feelings, yes, it’s all about the feelings. The feeling of coming home. Continue reading “The place where my soul belongs to”