Why can’t I live without books…


When I am reading a good book, I often have a feeling that the writer is talking to me, I can hear her whispers, like a river flowing through my mind. I can be so moved and  overwhelmed by the feeling of being understood. I am not always understood by the people around me, but it does not matter, I am understood by the books.

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The East End and West End of Oslo – Kampen vs Frogner


The East End and West End are common terms used to describe the two distinct parts of Oslo. Roughly speaking, people living in the West End districts are wealthier compared to those settled in the East End. In the West End, taxable possessions, incomes and house price are significantly higher than in the East End. The younger generation who have grown up in one part of the city usually have very limited experience of the other. They tend to stick to those who have similar background as themselves. But are the differences between the East End and West End as distinct as what were portrayed in the media? Are these differences visible to those who have no knowledge about the East End and West End, for instance, the foreigners and tourists ? Continue reading “The East End and West End of Oslo – Kampen vs Frogner”

My trip to Shanghai – Part 2


My third day in Shanghai

We start the adventure by heading for Qi Bao, an old town located a bit outside Shanghai. There are several bridges of the old-fashioned kind spanning the dark-green river. We spot a few wooden boats either waiting at the riverside or carrying some goods for the locals. The cloudy weather has made the whole town grey and dark but charming enough for the visitors. Continue reading “My trip to Shanghai – Part 2”

My trip to Shanghai – Part 1


The departure

The trip started at 05:30 in the morning, though struggling to get up, it was not too hard to regain some of the energy afterwards. It is the start of my six day trip to my hometown, Shanghai.

The weather is lovely in Oslo, but the sky turns grey in Helsinki. Accompanied by a good book and the mac, six hours wait time becomes a pleasurable experience:) Continue reading “My trip to Shanghai – Part 1”