The crescent moon

Kappa Art Gallery was my retreat in Potos, a small seaside village in Thasos, Greece. Paintings, sculptures, woodcuts, jewellery were arranged side by side. Such an eclectic mix of mediums, yet so harmonious.

Wandering around this artistic universe on summer nights was a pure delight. Amid a vast treasure of artworks, I caught sight of the crescent moon circling slowly in the sea breeze.

“Let me bring the little star to the moon, let it brighten the world, and my heart”, she said.

The silkiness in her voice touched him deeply .

“The world is brightened, so is my heart, by your twinkling eyes”, he whispered.

She couldn’t hear what he was whispering but felt the arms around her waist tightened.

So how could I let it go? I brought with me the crescent moon on the ferry and the plane, and touched it gently along the way just to feel its presence.

The sky looks glorious tonight. In my hands is my treasure, a little piece of Greece.

Author: Isabelle

Content writer / editor & Language advisor

54 thoughts on “The crescent moon”

    1. We’ve been to three Greek islands and I think I experienced more of the Greek culture in Thassos. We made friends with the locals, and were moved by the warmth and friendliness we received. Take care, Basilike.

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      1. I’m fine, thank you, Basilike. Life is full of ups and downs, like waves, isn’t it. I’ve had a few downs this year and hope the ups aren’t far away.
        Hope all is fine with you, take care.

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    1. You’re so right, Brad! Facing the garden, the moon is hung under the glass door of the living room. It’s the first thing that comes to my sight when I walk down the stairs in the morning. It’s a delight, as you said, reminding me of those beautiful moments in Greece, (even) in these chilly autumn months. Thanks so much for your thoughtful words! Very much appreciated. ✨💫

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    1. Thanks so much for your thoughtful words, Andrew. Always good to hear from you. I’ve been following your various adventures and accomplishments. Moved by your contribution to the tiny church, which looks serenely beautiful. You too, be well.


    1. Thanks Bernice, for your lovely words. We made friends with the locals, who were very kind and helpful. I’d love to explore more of the Greek culture and history. A very good friend of mine is half Greek and half Norwegian. We’re planning to spend a week or two exploring some of the Greek islands in the future. 😊

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    1. The moon is hung just below the glass door of the living room, facing the sky and the garden. I can look at it circling slowly in the morning and evening breeze for a very long while, missing those lovely days in Greece.

      Thanks Neil. Have a good one you too.

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  1. Beautiful post, Isabelle — brought a smile to my face. Your writing is as lovely as the moon. I can see why you could not let it go. It looks so peaceful against the evening sky with you holding it. Besides the memory and affections and feelings that come with it are simply too precious to leave behind in Greece. 🙂

    The gallery seems like an amazing place. I see a painting there that I’d like on my wall… ❤

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    1. Thank you Vera, for your thoughtful words. The moon has a deep meaning to me, it’s not barely an item, but my connection with Greece, with summer nights, with sea breeze, and with the lovely art gallery. It reminds of the

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    2. It reminds of the insightful art talks I had with the charming curator/artist, as well as all those beautiful moments captured in Thassos. I can look at moon for a long while, keeping asking those around me – isn’t it lovely, look at the moon, isn’t it lovely?

      The gallery holds a remarkable collection of artworks, beautiful ones. I’m sure you’ll find your favourite.

      I hit “reply” button by accident when I was writing my previous comment, so the comment is now divided into two parts. Just let me know you if the first part is missing, and I’ll re-send it.

      Lovely to have a chat with you, Vera, it always is. Sending you lots of love. Take care ❤️🌸

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      1. Haha… yes, yes, I would be the same if I were you; I can just imagine it twirling in the breeze. Wish I have the good fortune of possessing it, too.

        I do have the two parts to your response. 🌸

        Love chatting with you, as well. Sending love back ❤ ❤

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  2. Hey Beautiful Isabelle!!! This is so lovely!!! Smiling so big that You brought the moon with its sweet lovers home with You. Wonderful. And Lord!!! That gallery is crazy beautiful. Amazing art. Thank You for all the pictures! I’m sending You huge hugs!!! 🤗❤️✨🌙😊

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    1. Hi lovely Katy! Isn’t it wonderful to bring home a moon, along with the lovers! Indulging myself in this beautiful piece of art hanging on the glass door facing the garden, and circling very slowly in the breeze, is so soul-comforting. The art gallery is a treasure in itself. Lovely to hear from you! I’ll get back to you on Skype straightaway. Sending millions of hugs right back to you! ✨🌸❤️😘🌙

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    1. I’m well. Thanks Andrew, for your kind and thoughtful words. I’ve been working on a writing course, which is now accepted by a skills training centre. I hope it will go well. I’ve been following your various journeys. Take care.


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