The dream


A few years ago, I came across a postcard. The white cave houses surrounded by the turquoise blue sea, the glories of the blue domed church on the top of the cliff, and the beautiful sunset over the bay. Thrilled. It is a dream, is it not. A voice was whispering, let me be there, please. Let me feel the dream. It was when the longing started, so overwhelming that it hurt sometimes. 

Breathing deeply, I am attempting to absorb the scenes, and the magic. 

Bewildered, is it a dream? That voice is returning, an endless dream it says, it will embrace you, always. 




With love,

Isabelle ❤️

Santorini Greece,  July 2018

Author: Isabelle

Content writer / editor & Language advisor

37 thoughts on “The dream”

  1. That’s exactly what you think when you first see Santorini! It’s an unforgettable sight. I come from a totally different landscape, and Santorini was the first Aegean island I’ve ever been to. Unforgettable beauty!

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    1. I resonate with your thoughts Basilike, can’t agree more. Santorini is exceptional, it requires no effort to get touched by that beautiful scene. I was in Crete last summer, another idyllic spot. But Santorini has got something on its own, which distinguishes it from other islands. Thanks for the chat! Hope all is well 😊

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      1. Not this time Basilike. We’ll be sticking to Santorini (two weeks holiday). Have visited some villages including the maginificent Oia, the capital Fira, and the traditional Pyrgos village. The panoramic view from the Prophet Elias Monastery was breathtaking. Will visit Imerovilgli village in the evening. Wish I could speak Greek, such an ancient and beautiful language.

        You too, have a great day!

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    1. We’re staying here for two weeks, can’t get enough. Those scenes will become memories for life.
      Made a comment on your “A better than usual walk” post, it kind of disappeared.
      Loved that post. Just want to let you know.
      Thanks for the chat Neil! And yes, till next time.


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  2. How very beautiful Isabelle. You’re so right, such a dreamy place, even being there must feel a little unreal. I love the photos with you in them. They add to the dreaminess. I can’t wait for you to share more. Have a lovely time❤️

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    1. Thank you Suzanne. Neither the photos nor the words can truly match the beauty of the island. I tried hard to record the sunset moment but it remained an attempt. Watched the sun slowly going down, it even triggered a sense of sentimentality. So beautiful. It was beyond the words. Take care ❤️

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  3. How incredible it is, how some places just take your breath away and feel surreal. The city on the side of the hill is pristine and organized chaos; the sea surrounding it, a force both gentle and roaring. One day I hope to visit and experience such places as this. Thank you as always, Isabelle, for sharing your adventures. I’ve missed your blog posts this past month!

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    1. Thank you so much Abigail, for your kind and thoughtful words. Your language is brilliant, the way you put it “ The city on the side of the hill is pristine and organised chaos; the sea surrounding it, a force both gentle and roaring.” How beautifully written. It’s great to know how you interpreted the images. Truly inspiring!

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    1. Thank you so much Richa! ❤️ I made a comment on your latest post in the healthy food series but it just got lost, made another attempt but with no luck. Not sure if it’s a WordPress issue. Have a great day!

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      1. Oh really!!! Just checked my spam too (right now) – and I don’t see if there even! Don’t know whats wrong! 😦
        I hate to say it but can you try again so that I can check it real-time! Sorry for the trouble!

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      2. Tried again to make a comment on the “7 healthy food” post, it didn’t let me to post the comment, nor did it let me to like it. Here’s the comment I was attempting to post :

        I love all of them except salmon. Norway is known for salmon of excellent quality but I don’t like it unfortunately. We have raspberry bushes in the garden and I love watermelons. I eat watermelon every day during the summer, can’t get enough 😋 Thanks Richa, for this great post!

        Have you got it Richa?

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    1. Santorini is mainly for those who love a good view, especially sunset which can be enjoyed from villages, balconies and boats. It’s considered to be the most beautiful island in Greece. Thanks for the chat Charlie! 😊

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    1. Thank you so much Luke. It was a spontaneous post, the words were flowing through the head at that moment, when I was facing that postcard view, eventually. So close, yet so distant. Like a dream.
      Poetry is beyond my reach at the present stage. I was struggling with Shakespeare’s and other sonnets when I was doing the subject of British Literature a few years ago. A lot to learn when it comes this literary genre. Again, thank you!

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  4. OH MY GOSH!!!! I LOOOOOVVVVVEEEEE Greece!!! How did I miss this post?!!! Ahhhhhh. I had the lovely gift of being able to spend 6 weeks there in my early twenties. Heaven. Absolute dream. You nailed it. LOVING SOOOO much that You went. You look so beautiful. And Santorini is magic. Complete magic. Greece just is. Ahhhhh. Sending such huge hugs!!!! ☀️💖🤗🐬☀️!!!

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    1. I can absolutely sense your passion for Greece in your words and tones Katy! Santorini is a dream, the sunset views, the blue Aegean Sea, the white cave houses, the orthodox churches, it’s like a beautiful endless painting. You were in Greece for 6 weeks in your early twenties! How lovely! It must be memory for life. Thank you for the kind words Katy! Hugs and hugs are coming your way! Take care. 😊🌸💜🌟😘

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      1. Thank You Isabelle! And yes!!! It absolutely is a memory that showers me with smiles! From Your first picture I gasped, “SHE’S IN GREECE!!!” and it was so fun watching the unfolding. Thanks for taking me back for a few minutes! Twice now!!! ❤️❤️❤️!!!


  5. I love your passion and enthusiasm, I call it living the moment feeling the dream. And those are some really nice shots, the setting sun, Your dreams are infectious, now Im on that spot where you were when you viewed the postcard. We are landlocked we don’t have the pleasure of the seas. Oh Isabelle what have you done lol.

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    1. Oh Ankit, thank you for the lovely words. You made me smile really 😊 I still remember how that kind of longing felt like when I saw the postcard, it was so intense. I’ve always had a passion for the ocean and sunset, and I love running alone the coast in the early morning, as if I’m reaching the end of the earth. Thanks for the chat. Lovely!

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      1. Thank you for sharing Isabelle. Im going on a trek next month, i have my own longing, beautiful trips starts with some longings (just felt that) I can already feel the fresh air, the forest those trails, and there are two of such spots that I will be going on this trek famous for their view of sunset and sunrise, the white mountains appears golden when the sun rises and sets. 🙂

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      2. Wow you really have something to look forward to Ankit! Sunset is beautiful, so is sunrise. But there’s something deeper with the sunset. Sunrise gives me a feeling of hope and positiveness, great. Sunset, it’s so beautiful that it hurts. A sense of melancholy is emerging as the sun goes down, fading slowly. 😊

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