The cafe in the mountain

After nearly an hour’s walk, I finally got myself a cup of tea at a cafe built in a traditional Norwegian style. It’s a favourite spot for skiing enthusiasts, who usually come in for a cup of coffee and homemade soup after a couple of hours’ cross-country skiing.

I’d been thinking of visiting this cafe for a while now. The fact that it wasn’t reachable by cars or any other transport meant that I would have to walk the four kilometers’ long skiing slope to reach the destination and then walk the same length back.

The weather was beautiful. The sun was shining through the branches of pine trees and falling gently down on the newly-fallen snow.

Being the only one to walk up the skiing slope was a weird experience. I came across people from different age groups rushing up and down. Their movements looked smooth and professional. Some children were exceptionally good at going uphills. Not a move was wasted. I was conscious not to block the path.

Going skiing is a form of art and gives a sense of elegance of beauty we find in ballet. Flying through the mountains is such a liberating feeling. No boundaries, no fear.


The cafe was almost full when I took my seat. People came in for a break, enjoying hot creamy soup with beef and root vegetables. Lively conversations could be heard. The mood was good and the spirit high. Pairs of skies were resting outside the cafe.

I was like an outsider, observing the people around me and enjoying the warm atmosphere. I was fine with that. I pulled out the half-finished book from my tote bag. At least two hours till the sun goes down. Life is pleasant.



Author: Isabelle

Content writer / editor & Language advisor

54 thoughts on “The cafe in the mountain”

  1. This was a really nice post! Living in the place I live gives me zero opportunity to see and experience snow and skiing and other winter activities. You have a really nice blog going on here and I have made sure to follow to read more!

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    1. Have just replaced it with another one. It gave me a sad and uncomfortable feeling. I don’t stand for anything like that. Thank you so much and the same, have a good week Andrew!

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    1. It was a nice solo trip in the mountains. Thank you for taking time to read and comment it. Appreciate it a lot. Your poems are sophisticated and deep, very impressed. Not always sure if I’ve got the essence. 😊

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      1. You welcome, Isabelle.

        I always love reading my bloggers work and observe and show strong support. 🙂

        Glad you enjoy reading my work and liking it. I know its a bit much to take in with my poems…but, I love writing for myself and poetry is my escape away from reality. 🙂

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      2. Thank you, Isabelle.

        Indeed, my work is like a puzzle.
        However you interpret my poems will make me happy and I’ll be glad to unveil the answers of what it all means.

        Don’t feel frustrated. In my blogs there are no right or wrong answers. 🙂

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    1. Thank you Lana! You can get soya milk almost in any cafes nowadays, vegan or not. Go vegan is a big concept here as well. Lots of vegan alternatives available in shops and cafes. The main stream is however, the conventional. I love vegetables and fruits, and grab tons of them 😊

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  2. Beautiful, I look so forward to your posts Isabelle. And then I find myself with a dozen questions! Is the walk very cold? Do you have to wear special shoes? Did you carry something special to read? Or was it just nice to rest and watch… It sounds wonderfully adventurous to me. It is nice at times to be a little on the outside, isn’t it? You’re free to be quiet and let your thoughts wander where they will. I don’t at all mean for you to answer all my questions. Just my way of saying how your writing inspires me. You write as though there’s something sweet and unseen just at the edge of things. Lovely. Take care Isabelle 😊❤️

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    1. Here comes the answer Suzanne, a decent one I hope 😊 It wasn’t that cold yesterday, minus 2-3 degrees I think, sunny for the most part of the day, which was gorgeous ☀️ No I just wore my winter boots, solid ones though. I never go out without carrying a book with me, my company yesterday was… can you figure it out? Yeah “The Bridges of Madison County” 😊 I drafted the post when I was sitting in the corner. Reading the book and observing when I got stuck. It was a very nice a couple of hours. Love being an outsider regularly, a time-out is necessary for me, it’s my retreat. I’ve been planning to have a look of that cafe for quite a while, glad I made it. Thank you for the warm and thoughtful words Suzanne, and the questions. It feels like those lovely scenes returned as I’m answering the questions. Take care 😊❤️

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      1. A wonderful answer, thank you! My winter boots will need replacing for next season. They have been a blessing. I always carry a book with me too, just in case. Sounds like a lovely afternoon. I’m happy for that. To write of a place and a moment when you’re really there, so nice. I can almost see you pausing as you look for your words. I pause often myself. Have a good evening Isabelle 😊❤️

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  3. What a wonderful day!!! And You just gifted a big smile as parts of that cafe look exactly like the cafe where I used to take my son snowboarding. Well worth the hike on that beautiful day! Thank You and Cheers!!! 🙂

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    1. Oh did it really! Amazing that the cafe resembles the one where your son used to go snowboarding! Apart from the moose head decoration on the walls (not for my taste unfortunately), it’s a really nice place for a break. Thank you so much for the chat!! 😊

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      1. Ha! I didn’t even notice the moose head. I’m building my website/shop and my brain has gone to mush!!! But the shot where You’re looking down the rows of tables. The melted snow puddles on the floor. The people. The color of the room. If memory serves me correctly….that’s how the ski cafe up in Big Bear California looks. It seriously sent me back and gifted big smiles!!! 💖

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      2. I removed the photo with that sad moose head on it the day after the post was published and replaced it with another one. Your mind is super, no mush at all! 😁 Amazing to hear you’re building your website/shop. I suppose your fabulous works will be available online soon. Great news! Wish I could visit Big Bear California some time. Lovely to have a chat! Hugs and cheers! ❣️🌟

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      3. My “mind is uper, no mush at all!”?!!! Can I quote You on that?!!! 🤣 Thanks for the sweet website words! Big Bear is sweet and interesting, for sure. Always lovely to chat with You as well! Hugs!!! 🤗💖✨

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  4. Hi, Isabelle,
    Lovely post. But I don’t think there is more freedom there or boundaries because a lot of people have died lately when they were skiing out off-pistes. Nevertheless I understand the kind of feeling you felt in that beautiful land. Best regards

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    1. Thank you so much for taking time to send me the lovely comment Ptholome! It was a beautiful day and I enjoyed having a time-out in the mountains. Take care.


  5. Isabelle! How have you been? It’s always a treat eyes as well as my brain to have a look at your work. For a while I’m always transported to a comfort land, cosy cafes and soothing landscapes. You’re an incredible photographer by the way.
    I understand the part about feeling a little out of place while walking among those skiing but nature perhaps would have taken your mind away with its splendid beauty as I realised♥️ another gem from you. Keep writing and keep exploring♥️

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    1. I’m fine thank you twinklingwords! So glad to hear from you! Thank you so much for the kind words, much appreciated! ❤️ Yes the beauty of nature made up for the loss. It was a lovely day, beautiful sky. Couldn’t get enough. Hope you’re doing well and are happy. Great to have a chat! Take care. Best wishes from the north. ❤️😊

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  6. I love how cozy and relaxing the vibe here is. I can relate to not being talented and capable for the skiing but still enjoying myself in the aspect. Have you seen the Netflix show “Lilyhammer”? It is very funny and ever since then I have really wanted to visit Norway. Even more so now that I read this lovely post. 🙂

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    1. Oh thank you for the lovely comment! No I haven’t seen the show but we spent a few days in Lillehammer last Easter, the kids went skiing. The place is known for great skiing slopes. Norway is beautiful, I’m not quite a winter person so I enjoy the summer months most. There’re parks everywhere and the weather is nice and pleasant. We live in Oslo. Lovely to have a chat! 😊

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