Friday evening

It was 8.20 pm. I sat at the dining table waiting for her to come. The garden was with covered with fresh snow and brightened by the glow of the outdoor lamps.

A message reached me a few seconds ago saying that she would be a bit late. We hadn’t seen one another for months. The connection between us, was it still there?

We had been pen pals since November 2016. Certainly not the traditional way involving pen and paper, but extra long messages we exchanged on Messenger. Was handwritten letter really something belonged to the past? It was such a delight to picking up a long-awaited letter from the post box.

We had disscussions about books, films, writing, family and cultural issues. We never lacked topics.

The connection between us somehow weakened a few months ago. I was concerned.

Leaning against the window, I watched the snow flying wildly, thinking and waiting. So she came, walking slowly alone the road with her footprints left behind. The snow found its way to every tiny corner. It was so overwhelming.

A warm hug and smile said more than words. It was all very reassuring. The connection restored at that very first moment.

Sitting in a corner of the sofa and sipping the black tea, with our legs covered with the warm wool blankets, we let our thoughts fly. The various themes jumping back and forth, so loose, so connected, in such a gentle and smooth way.

Gradually, my brain was going over to a slow motion mode, it required longer response time. The same pattern occurred to her and then we glanced at our phones. 01.27 am it appeared to be. 5 hours of conversation passed, like a flow of river, so effortlessly.

At the doorway, again, a warm hug and smile was being offered and then received. The connection strengthened.

I waved to her, and she to me before she disappeared at the end of the road. Her footprints were left behind, so was her smile. The heart was overwhelmed by the warmth and joyfulness. And the gratitude.

I went upstairs, waiting. A message arrived. She has reached home, safely.

Time for bed now, eventually. Turning off the light, I was embraced by the darkness, not completely dark I noticed. The snowflakes were dancing still, in such a magical way. So silent, so beautiful. Like a dream.


Author: Isabelle

Content writer / editor & Language advisor

39 thoughts on “Friday evening”

  1. Beautiful ❤️ nothing beats the feeling of having someone so close. I know the feeling you’re writing about… that you can be insecure about how the friendship has faded at some point.. I’m actually in a similar situation now.. it’s hard when you can see each other so often…

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  2. What a wonderful friendship. Some relationships can go on after a period of disconnection, whether by distance or time, as if no break had interrupted. My mom has a friendship like that with her cousin, who lives on the other side of the country, and I know I will with my sister, wherever I go. I agree with you about the joys of physical letter-writing. I try to maintain snail mail conversations with friends, but convenience impels us to eventually return to emails.
    Thank you for these lyrical memories. I’m curious, what and/or whose is the little pink house at the beginning and end of the post?

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    1. It’s actually the play house for the kids, someone built it for us and painted it light purple, which is my daughter’s favourite colour. It’s in the corner of the garden.
      Human relationships are changeable, and some might get lost over time. I think in the end, there’re very few friends who remain with us throughout life. These very few friendships are unbreakable, neither by time nor distance. These are solid ones which are most likely based on mutual understanding and support over a long period of time. Soulmate like ones. Thank you for the lovely comment! Nice to have a chat 😊


      1. Oh, how fun! I used to love play houses. I mean, I still do, but I can’t fit in them quite as well as I could at age 7.
        Some people, if not most, are meant to be temporary. Sometimes we hold too long to a stagnant friendship, rather than letting go. As you said, it is the rare few that stay for life. They may take some time to find but, once you do, you will have them through thick and thin.


    1. Thank you so much for such an encouraging and supportive comment! Very much appreciated! I let my thoughts flowing backwards when I was writing the post. Those scenes and images that appeared in my mind became the main content. It was a selection of moments. Thank you.

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  3. I miss the treasure of real letters too. You wrote very gently about the way relationships change and how that feels. Such a lovely read Isabelle. I can just imagine tea and sharing thoughts so easily and warmly as the snow falls outside and you lose track of the time. And everything is good. 😊❤️

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    1. Thank you so much for your lovely words Suzanne! It was an extraordinary experience talking for hours with no concerns, no limitations and worries. It did do much to the spirit and soul. These five hours will be compressed into a short moment when it’s being stored in my mind. But the images and feeling associated with this experience will remain strong, always. Thank you Suzanne 😊❤️

      (I’ve just sent a new comment to your lovely “Clyde” post, let me know if you haven’t received it. The comment kind of disappeared, might be an system error. Let me know so I’ll re-write it.)

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      1. I did get your reply to Clyde, thank you! I have that happen to me on wp sometimes too. I never know quite what to do 🙃

        My pleasure, it’s a delight to read you. I can imagine how you will treasure such a moment. It takes time to make memories and friendships such as that. I’m happy for you. Take care, suzanne 😊❤️

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    1. Thank you so much for the thoughtful words Lana! That play house is a popular spot among the children in the neighbourhood in summer. It’s totally abandoned in the winter months. It sort of realised my childish dream. I dreamt about having a fairy house, but that dream never came true when I was a child 😊

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  4. Might I say, the whole imagery other than what was happening in the post reminded me of cosy scenes from books where a person is snuggled up in a corner wearing cute pjs and socks, looking at the snow.
    Coming back to it, friendships have a way of breaking us too and the feeling of losing a fine connection is so painful. But perhaps real things stay.

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    1. Thank you so much for letting me know your thoughts and reflections on this post! So good you reminded me of the more correct expression “ snuggling up”. I was struggling of finding a better alternative than “sitting in the corner of the sofa”. Certainly we didn’t sit in the corner but snuggled up.
      Yes broken friendships hurt, especially those which have lasted a long time. But as you said, the real ones stay, those solid ones.

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    1. Thank you! The play house was built for my daughter but in a way it realised my lost dream. I dreamt about having such a fairytale-like house when I was a little girl, but it only remained as a dream.

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    1. Thank you for putting me into that great (almost unachievable…) category Warrior! I’m still working hard to make myself qualified 😉 And I’m sure I’ll find you in the same category. 😁

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      1. Я понимаю английский немного и пользуюсь переводчиком, если нужно 🙂
        Язык это сложный, лучше бы я английский хорошо знала! 🙂 А все лень выучить полностью.
        Спасибо за ответ, я не могу насмотреться на эти фотографии.

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      2. Thank you so much! I understand your comment perfectly 😊 The credit goes to Google translations. Lovely to have a chat in two vastly different languages. Have a good day! 😊

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