When going skiing is not an option in winter

It has been snowing heavily for days now, the city has literally turned into a winter wonderland. In the mountains, the weather condition is ideal for those who are keen on winter sport.

Most Norwegians have a passion for skiing. It says “Norwegians were born with skies on their legs”, although “on their feet” seems to be a more appropriate translation in English. 

I moved to Norway when I was 16 so I definitely was not born with the skies on any part of my body. As a grown-up, I did make a few attempts to learn the skiing techniques, the basic ones, but a nasty fall I had a couple of years ago put a stop to it.

(Thankfully, both my boys love going skiing, as seen from the pictures)

This was what happened. Not the worst-case scenario but bad enough to make me loose the motivation.

The sun was high that day, the sky clear-blue. Deep into the mountain, I was alone practising downhill skiing when I lost control and fell backwards. My back hit the ground, so was my long finger when I was trying to support the falling body with my right hand. I managed to release the skies and rose very slowly from the ground. Sweating because of the intense pain, I walked downhill like a robot. Not surprisingly, the screen I later took at the hospital showed signs of back injury. My long finger had been dysfunctional for six months. The desire to hit the slopes was not quite there after that.

Failing to acquire skiing skills is not something I speak aloud of. Not in a country when skiing is acknowledged as a national sport. It is not unusual that children down to 3 – 4 years old go skiing when accompanied by their parents. People talk about that amazingly liberating feeling of going uphills and downhills in the mountains. The feeling of peace and tranquility.

I used to feel envious of what I heard, and I was disappointed at my incapability of becoming one of those skilful skiers. But I think I have come to terms with it now. It is fine. I no longer consider it as my personal failure. I do not need to be a good skier to fully enjoy the beauty of winter. Running and walking provides me with the same opportunity to experimenting what the nature has to offer in this cold beautiful season. A visit to the open-air Norwegian Museum of Cultural History is another option.

So when the boys went skiing with their father, I went for a walk and visited the museum with my daughter.

(The boys participated in The Children’s Skiing Day event)


(My daughter and I had a visit at the Norwegian Musuem of Cultural History)



Here we got a glimpse into the traditional way of baking “Lefser” – the Norwegian version of pancake. With butter melting on the surface of the hot lefser, we shared and enjoyed it in the frosty air. What a treat!


Author: Isabelle

Content writer / editor & Language advisor

42 thoughts on “When going skiing is not an option in winter”

    1. I love wandering in the museums and parks, or reading a good book in a cafe. I run a lot and practise yoga regularly, so running and yoga keep me going in my life. Thank you for the comment! 😊

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  1. Hehe well to go skiing is not for everyone;) I used to love it when I was younger, but like you I fell really hard ( only on snowboard) and got scared for life I guess. But for the kids to enjoy the snow is good;) How cold is it now at home???

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  2. I think walking or running sound like a wonderful way to enjoy the winter beauty. You probably actually see more of it that way too. And, the museum with your daughter must be a lovely afternoon. 😊❤️

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    1. I’ve been running for over 20 years, and it’s a part of my life. It’s exercise and meditation. The heavy snow has made running outside challenging, I run mostly inside now. The spring isn’t far away fortunately 🍀🌸 The Norwegian Museum of Cultural History is my favourite spot in Oslo. Lots of good memories. Thank you Suzanne for the lovely comment. 😊❤️Wishing you a great week!

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    1. You’re so right Vera! This kind of daughter-mom catch-up is really quality time. My daughter and I have many interests in common though we differ when it comes to our personalities. A decent talk without interruptions is precious in itself. Thank you for the lovely comment! Wishing you a great week ahead. Happy Chinese New Year! 😊🌟

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      1. I will check it out Vera! Thank you so much! 🌸 I’m surprised and honoured. I enjoy reading your blog too, always informative with a personal touch. Not to mention the fab pictures. Well structured and beautifully written. 😊

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  3. The snow looks so beautiful….but You and Your daughter’s trip to the museum sounds more enticing to me! I’ve tried to ski a couple of times. Even with an instructor my friend hired for me! It ended mostly with me on my back with my skis planted halfway in the snow and halfway sticking up. I empathize! And I hope Your finger is better at this point!!! Cheers!!!! 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for the thoughtful words! My finger is fine now. Can’t help laughing as I’m reading through the comment. It described exactly my experience of some unsuccessful skiing attempts. I did have an instructor once, I remember I was struggling to brake when going downhills. Almost scared to death. Love your artwork and the way you write about your thoughts and ideas, always so lively, warm and with a great sense of humour. 😊

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      1. It is funny isn’t it? My instructor actually gave up, laughingly, and I completely agreed he’d be better off helping someone who possessed skill and I’d be better off sipping a beer by the fire! 🤣 And right???? Going downhill is horrifying! We’re watching the Olympics right now and WOW!!!! Thank You for Your kind comments about my artwork!!!! I’m having a lot of fun. Stay warm and Cheers!!!

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  4. Oh how lovely to be able to ski on real snow! I have only done it on indoor skiing slope (had several lessons) but it was good fun. Great pictures, thank you for sharing 😀

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    1. I think it snows in England too, does it not? I remember it snowed when I lived in Leeds, it’s been many years now. Are there outdoor skiing slopes in England? Great you had fun on indoor skiing slope. It’s fine for me to go uphills, but I get so nervous going downhills 😁

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      1. No outdoor slopes, well only those dry cardboardy ones (I think they are still around) with no snow. Yes we get snow on occasion, the less the better. It has been trying to snow lately but not sticking. Phew! The whole country comes to a stand still otherwise.

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      2. We literally stand still right now after days of heavy snow. Well, partly. Many tube cancellations, buses changed routes because of the snowy roads. People are stuck at the underground/bus stations. A bit chaotic to be honest. Hope it’s getting better tomorrow. Not so sure…❄️❄️

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  5. This was a nice read! I live in Finland and had a sunny start to my life in Australia, so I never learned to ski either – or to actually enjoy any winter sports. I actually had a bad ski experience too but that’s a long story. Anyway, I totally get you – except that I can barely muster enthusiasm for enjoying winter scenery, winter walks or winter photography – you are lucky to at least have such a positive outlook on this endlessly long season! 😀 I’m sure being able to enjoy winter activities outdoors would make it much more bearable and so it does feel like a personal failure at times! Oh well, no one’s perfect 😉

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    1. Thank you so much for such a lovely comment! What a contrast between Australia and Finland when the climate is concerned. Have got a couple of friends in Finland and my impression is it’s even colder than Norway ❄️❄️ Australia must have the most gorgeous weather right now 🍀🌸 I follow a couple of podcasts hosted by two Australian authors, beautiful beach pictures they’ve posted. I’m not quite a winter person so I’m waiting for the spring to come, oh yes very patiently 😉😊

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  6. If it’s any consolation, I don’t know how to ride a bicycle, while my husband owned a shop selling and restoring bicycles, and we lived in a town where bicycle was god.

    I wouldn’t learn ski either, I am sure of that. I’d rather learn how to bake a Lefser.

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    1. I learnt to ride a bicycle 2-3 years ago, as a grown-up. I managed to acquire that skill but that’s it. I seldom go out for a ride. Running is much more appealing to me. I probably will never be a mountain biker. Running is my thing and I’m happy about it. Just read a quote today saying “Destination is a matter of choice”. So true. I want to live for myself and make those choices that make sense to me, as an individual. Lefsers are good, especially those baked on the traditional pan in that old house dating back to 17th century. Thank you for letting me know your resolution on this issue. Very much appreciated!

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  7. That’s awesome! I actually had a long walk yesterday evening. Minus 8-9 with snow falling, alone the coastline. Certainly not the ideal weather for a long walk, I got lost so it was an unintentional walk 🙂


  8. Being a snow lover I thought I would love skiing, but it didn’t come naturally to me at all. I had to work hard at it and still dislike cross country skiing. I do like skiing downhill though when I don’t fall. I think the time has come for me to say that I am too old to do it again though. There is not so much opportunity to do it here in Australia anyway. And the few weeks we do have snow in the mountains it is very, very expensive!

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    1. It’s a pity that I don’t go skiing during long winter months, especially when the boys take a skiing trip with their father in the mountains. I was told what a magical scene it was numerous times, and how good it was to the body and soul. But I think I have to accept that I can’t achieve anything in the world. There’re limitations. I’m a long distance runner, I should be content with that, and I am. Thanks for the chat, appreciate very much.


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