Some winter thoughts

One of the hardest things for me to handle in the winter months is to get up in the morning. It is all quiet. From the dark sky, the moon is looking down on my tired face. No birds singing, no smell of freshly brewed coffee and croissants, no lively conversations from the neighbours who usually have breakfast on the terrace or in the garden during the summer months.

I would not be able to come to senses until the melody is playing for the third or fourth time. The alarm is always set thirty minutes ahead of my “must-get-up-time”, which gives me enough room for struggling. I did fail a couple of times as my mind refused to give in. It preferred to remain in the dreamy state.

( view from one of the bedrooms)

One of the things that I enjoy most is waking up until my biological clock calls at weekends, and it usually means around 9.30 – 10.00 in the morning. It is especially enjoyable when the sun is shining brightly outside the window. I feel I am blessed when the sun falls lightly on my face.

(The sun is out eventually, view from one of the bedrooms)

I took the picture (below) after sending my youngest to the kindergarten on Friday morning. The car was parked on the side road. My winter coat, hat and gloves were left home. It was minus 9 degrees, the sun eventually came out after days of grey skies. It led to such an intense feeling of happiness. When I walked towards the woods nearby in my loose thin sweater, a woman walking her dog glanced at me, or my inappropriate outfits. I did not care that much.

The sun does have a powerful effect on my mood and spirit, given the winter here is so long and cold. I bet you will definitely find me in a warmer place when I am retired, or even earlier than that. A spontaneous act. I might just disappear. I might just run away without leaving a note. I might be hiding myself in a corner of a remote sandy beach, reading a book or just watching the waves and missing someone or something. Someone or something that I have lost, yet I have not.

On that sandy beach, they all come back to occupy my mind, and my heart, and remind me of those moments, so far away, yet so close. It is so intense, these thoughts are flowing from my mind to my heart, in a circle, until neither my mind nor my heart could bear more. And then they settle down and become fragments.

These latent fragments may be activated at any time, when they are being triggered by some familiar images, a particular scene or place, or a song that used to be played on repeat. And then I realise that those people and those things, they are always there. They have become a part of me, a part of my life.

(Memory – photo taken in Crete, July 2017)


Author: Isabelle

Content writer / editor & Language advisor

52 thoughts on “Some winter thoughts”

    1. I moved to Norway many years ago, I should have learnt to embrace the cold and dark days but I haven’t, not yet. The winter is beautiful here, especially in the woods and mountains. Peace and tranquility. Thank you for the lovely comment.

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  1. Winter mornings… like you say it’s hard to handle. It’s dark when you wake up and when you go to bed. Constant grey sky and you only wish for a glint of the sun… if I never have to move back to cold Norway I’ll be happy.. sun has the power to turn around you’re whole day❤️ beautiful pictures

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    1. I’m an early morning person, so summer or winter I wake at the same time, but I agree that the presence of sun does make a difference on one’s outlook on the rest of the day. The seasons definitely affect the mood and energy levels of a couple of members of my family. My sister and I have had an interest in Norway for some time, and have wanted to visit/live there, but this constant grey and cold of which you speak detracts me somewhat…

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      1. Agree! Norway is beautiful in summer. The climate is very pleasant, never too hot. And if we’re lucky enough, we may get a much longer summer 😊 The winter is beautiful too, just a bit longer. The spring isn’t far away…🍀🌸

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      2. Oh no, don’t get me wrong. Norway is beautiful in all seasons. Imagine how beautiful it is when the mountains and woods are covered by snow…❄️☃️. Summer is even more marvellous, the sun, the sea, the fjords, the woods, the pleasant temperature, the nice people (like me). The list is far too long. Conclusion: Norway is a lovely country which is definitely worth a visit. (Sounds like a promo) 😊🍀

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      3. Yes, I imagine the mountains and woods are stunning in the winter snow. The photo you posted of the forest in snow attests to that. For the experience, I suppose I could tolerate the cold temperatures! It’s taken my a few years to adapt to the winter temperatures in New England, a stark contrast from my Southern California and central China years, but I have. There is hope yet!

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    1. Thank you Siddhartha! It’s a bit grey today, the temperate will drop further according to the forecast. It’s fine. The spring is not far away anyway. Despite the cold, it’s a beautiful season isn’t it 😊


      1. Oh no 😊 We’re doing well. People here are used to cold. Minus 9 is just normal, I remember the temp used to drop to minus 20. Must be a few years ago now. So no worries, business as usual! Hope you’re doing well where you’re. Nice to have a chat!

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      2. I’m not that blessed, I’ve been running inside for a while. It’s just too cold and the road is too icy. I have yoga sessions in a yoga centre, I definitely don’t do it in the snow. I’m not that brave. 😊

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  2. Thank you for this cozy, thought-provoking post on this cold New England day. I don’t denigrate the wonder and illustriousness of winter, but the temperature and I still have not reconciled. You amaze me, braving -9 degrees without any winter gear!

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    1. I wasn’t there too long, the body wasn’t ready for that. It was so beautiful in the woods when the sun was out. I couldn’t resist the temptation of recording this moment, a long-awaited moment 😊


  3. I love the pics of snow and seeing the type of houses where you live – so lovely. I do not use an alarm clock though. I just cannot! Urgh. Unless I have an early flight, just in case that is the one day I over sleep 🙂 Luckily I have always been an early riser.

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    1. I use alarm clock 3 – 4 times in a week as I have to get up around 06.15 – 6.20 to get my morning jog done before the kids are up. (The alarm is set at 05.50 which gives me enough struggling time, the sound of the alarm isn’t of the “loud” sort actually, it sounds like “waves”, very comforting) It’s such a liberating feeling when I get the exercise done before the day starts. I feel happier and more energetic, can’t be a better start of the day you know 😊

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