The sadness in the eyes of the camels

It was the sadness in the eyes of the camels that touched my heart. The innocence and helplessness expressed through their eyes suggested that they had come to terms with the treatment being offered to them. They seemed to have come to terms with their fate, which was predetermined by human beings.

They did not have a voice. Their primary goal in life was, against their will I believe, to please and entertain human beings. Locals and tourists. Mainly families that looked to experience something exotic and fun.

On a warm afternoon in December, we were among those families visiting a camel park located in Adeje in Tenerife. The children were excited to experience something new before returning home in the northern of Europe. To ride on a camel was on top of the list. When I heard about the tour, some familiar images appeared in my mind almost immediatley – a line of camels walking slowly and peacefully in Sahara Desert. It was all very harmonious. Bathed in the glorious sunlight, the camels looked at me with their kind and innocent eyes, which reminded me of the gentleness I often found in cows and horses.

(Images from Blaine Harrington III)

When I eventually stood here, my eyes meeting theirs, I saw the pain and despair in their eyes. They were so quiet. Their mouths were chained in such a way that they wouldn’t make noice. I dearly wished that I possessed some superpower so I could save them and bring them back to where they belonged to. Sahara Desert.

I walked towards one of the camels that was sitting on the ground with a heavy metal seat on his back. He heard my steps and turned his face to me. His grimly stare struck me. Unable to provide him with any comfort or hope, I felt powerless. Like all the people who had been here before me, I, too, disappointed him. I recorded this sad moment and share it here. The only thing I could manage. But would it make any difference?

The children must have noticed my silence, or they too must have noticed the miserable life of the camels. None of them wanted to have a ride. We sat at a table and had some drink. We did not talk. The sun was still shinning brightly, the sky clear-blue, nothing seemed to have changed. It was just that the excitement was replaced by an unutterable sadness.

Following the crowd, we walked though the park to reach the parking lot. I turned my head to the camels for the last time. None of them noticed my movement this time. Some were chowing the leaves, slowly and peacefully. May God bless you all.

(Photos taken in Adeje, Tenerife 30 December 2017)

Author: Isabelle

Content writer / editor & Language advisor

30 thoughts on “The sadness in the eyes of the camels”

  1. I have ridden a camel in the past but never again. I love camels. I think in biblical times they were treated better as a mode of transport, well I like to think so. You don’t hear of any being a sacrifice. I pray for a vegan world. May everyone wake up to the cruelty in all animal industries, only eat plants and wear man made fibres x

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    1. It was sad to witness the unjust treatment the camels received. It hurt. I hope they’re treated more fairly in the desert, as a mode of transport. I hope so. Entertaining shouldn’t be their primary goal in life. I’m not a meat eater, it’s the right choice for me. Thank you for the comment Lana. Much appreciated!

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      1. The emotions and feelings of animals have been ignored for so long. Theirs are perceived inferior to the emotions of human beings. Unlike humans, they don’t have a voice and can’t speak for themselves. They rely on animal protection organisations to give them a voice and fight for their rights. Bless.

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  2. What a sad reality for such grand creatures. It reminds me of the cruel treatment of elephants in animal circuses – gentle giants forced to perform for useless entertainment. Animals are not toys.

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    1. That’s why we don’t go to circuses, I feel so sorry for the animals who are brought up and trained to perform and entertain. Elephants and monkeys are clever creatures, they have feelings. Animals deserve a normal and good life. Thank you for the comment. Very much appreciated!


    1. Yes, we do, sadly. The fate of animals shouldn’t be predetermined because they’re not humans. They shouldn’t suffer because they’re animals. Thank you for the comment.


  3. Hey Isabelle,

    Animals, like many humans, are not able to speak up for themselves when they know that they are being treated unfairly. We need people like you, speakers for the silent, to help bring this world one step closer to consideration instead of competition. No longer do we have to succeed by stepping on those around us although it is still common practice. May we use the solutions we have already found and move into a stronger future full of compassion.

    Your friends at GKexplorers,

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    1. We need to make the world a good and safe place to live for future generations as well as animals. We need to raise awareness about the unfair treatment animals received. It’s worrying and sad if our children have adopted the idea that animals are inferior to human beings and it’s ok to use animals for entertaining purpose. Consideration instead of competition. You’re so right. A world full of compassion and love. What a beautiful place to live.

      Thank you GKexploreres!

      Isabelle 💜

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  4. Hi Isabelle,

    The life is not fair or unfair it’s only life. Humans are fair or unfair but mostly unfair even when we have good toughts.

    You think that all of these camels would be free in the desert where there is nothing to eat or to drink and that they would be happy but no most of them would die.

    Think in those free children more than 500 million who have not enough food to eat or even a bit of food to eat. Are they happy and have they happy look in their eyes because they are free? Certainly, no and most of them would die quite soon.

    I don’t like the Zoo and I try to avoid to pay the entree of these places because when I see the animals there I don’t think how unfair is the life but how cruel we are.

    But even that we have the same behaviour that any animal. when an animal is stronger than the others it imposes it’s law to the others. And Human beings are the most powerful and terrible animal in the earth. So we Rule the earth and the life in it.

    But in this story, there is also another side, the side of these people, who have camels, selling a walk in the desert to tourists, Tourists who have worked hard and came there to have a great and relaxed moment with their families, tourists who visiting these countries allow thousands of family to have a decent life, there to enjoy an with this money they are going to provide food, health and education to their children, So the camels Owners do whatever they have to do in order to bring food, health, education and happiness to their children and family. That’s the other side. it’s a balance if you free the camels you kill the children of the people managing this activity. Fair or unfair? I don’t know, Humans beings lives is what provoke that and it only can disappear if we disappear.

    Sometimes, Human beings like to look at the life as if we are stranger to it and judge it without thinking that we are responsible. We are and our life and the way we exploit everything in earth is what provoke these situations which terrify ourselves.

    You know, when we buy things which are cheap we never think who do those things and in what conditions they work but any activity we do is based in the exploitation of any resource material and animal included ourselves.

    We want to save the planet and to be fair but mankind are like these aliens you see in the movies who go to a planet to take all the resources until the planet is dead.

    Human beings are curious people, we provoke the catastrophes and suffer while doing them.


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