Last night in Tenerife


The children eventually fell asleep in the car, which is parked on the side road. I cannot wait. Pushing the door open slowly, I breathe in the fresh salty air that feels a bit chilly at this time of the day. Walking straight to the beach, I want to give it a proper farewell, like an ending to a story that has lasted seven days. This my last night in Tenerife.BA15C2DA-7331-4CA0-A27C-94804ACC20B4


Let me embrace the sound of the waves, the smell of the sea, the bright moon and lonely shinning stars. Let me embrace the light breeze, the tender songs flowing in the streets, and millions of colourful lights skinning in distance. Let me embrace them, with all my heart. And, I will be back.




Author: Isabelle

Content writer / editor & Language advisor

22 thoughts on “Last night in Tenerife”

  1. So lovely. I wish You a crystal clear memory on every single sensory level so that in the snow and times You find challenging You can just close Your eyes, be there, and come a little undone in the best of ways. 🙂

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