The place where my soul belongs to

So here I am, sitting on the soft sandy beach and facing the sea. The longing has eased, the thrill is back. The soft sound of waves, pushing back and forth. It’s my retreat. For some unexplainable reasons, it seems to be where my soul belongs to. It’s just the feelings, yes, it’s all about the feelings. The feeling of coming home.

It’s the 12th time I’ve been here, my favourite run-away destination.

Why Fanabe in Tenerife?

– Because I love the feeling of running alone the coastline in the early morning, accompanied by the glorious sunlight, as if I’m reaching the end of the earth.

But you’ve been to other destinations typically associated with sun holidays, places like Majorca, Cyprus, Gran Canaria and Crete. You’ve been running alone the coastlines in all these places. What makes Fanabe in Tenerife so remarkable?

– I’m a feeler, and again it’s about feelings. Was it because of the pub “The Irish Rose” I passed by while I having my morning jogs? The one I stopped by once and took a closer look and even considered ordering a drink, just to get the feeling of being surrounded by the smell of Guinness, the Irish accent and folk music? Was it because of the colour of the skies, the sound of the waves on that sunny afternoon, and the song “Take me to your heart” I had on repeat? Or a combination of all these? Possibly. Very likely.

So here I am. Can you get the feeling?

It´s Christmas Eve, the local musicians are giving an evening performance on Fanabe beach. The sun slowly sinking below the horizon , the colourful cocktails being consumed, and a lovely chat with some close friends. What a perfect ending of the day!

Merry Christmas!


Isabelle ❤️

Author: Isabelle

Content writer / editor & Language advisor

28 thoughts on “The place where my soul belongs to”

      1. I need to hire you as my publicist. haha Thank you so much!! I posted a “best of” yesterday. I, of course, had to include the photo you purchased. Thanks so much for supporting my work. I love your blog. Enjoy your holiday!!

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      2. The same Kevin! Love your blog too – your insightful posts and stunning photos. Inspiring! Great you included the photo, it gives me good feelings – peace, hope and the beauty of nature. Thank you so much!

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    1. Thank you so much Warrior! Attempting to get the last bit of sun before returning to the cold 😊 5 runs in 7 days, not bad isn’t it 😉 Just have to catch up with the yoga. You promised to do Tai Chi while I’m doing yoga on the mountain, so keep it in mind! Happy new year 😁


    1. It’s the place where I can distance myself from the routines, to run away. I get a feeling of absolute freedom when I’m running alone the coastline. It’s very much needed, once in a while.


  1. Even I do love the feeling of running alone and long walks in the generation of uber and taxi at door services. Only few can understand this scenario of living.

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    1. Running is an integral part of my life, it’s a part of me. I run everywhere, it opens my eyes and widen my horizons. For me the best way of getting to know a new place and the world is through running. Have been running in many parts of the word. Love the feeling of absolute freedom. Great exercise as well 😊

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      1. Seriously you are perfect🖤 and so true. You are on point. I o for running and long walks. Sometimes I forget about the distance I’m going through. I do it all alone well indeed waiting for a partner even to run or walk beside me through mountains, terrains, hills, beaches, and oceans.

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