A delayed catch-up


A message reached me in July. I was on the greek island of Crete for my summer holiday. She said we should definitely catch up in August. By the time we had not seen one another for about six months. I was very pleased and touched by her warm words. It was an unexpected but lovely message. And then I started counting down the days. The summer passed. I sent her a message in early september suggesting a possible meet-up date. The date wasn’t suitable, she replied. She must be busy with her work and family commitments, I thought optimistically. It turned October, then November. The excitement vanished, so did the expectation.

December was packed with school arrangements of the kids and Christmas preparations , and all of a sudden, the thought of this unrealised meet-up popped up in my head. I was not disappointed, nor was I upset or sad in any way. Friendships, like other human relationships, seem to fluctuate constantly.   As time goes on, close friends become casual friends and then no longer friends at all.




Some friendships avoid that fate. It is almost magical when the few I consider close friends also put me in their “close friend” category, year after year. The connection is mutually acknowledged and cherished. When we catch up for a cup of coffee, the conversation would flow like water. We let time pass by. We let our thoughts fly.


Author: Isabelle

Content writer / editor & Language advisor

23 thoughts on “A delayed catch-up”

  1. i know excactly how you feel hun!! we don’t wanna waste our time on ppl who don’t make an effort to be with us. And yes we get more careful with who we spend time with. Hope you’re doing good and get a great chtistmas:)

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  2. I know. I became known as the one to do all the organising for meet ups. I pulled back on a few people to allow them to make the effort and guess what – the “friendships” came loose 🙂


      1. Yes I agree, one will get resentful if always having to make the effort. One guy kept saying via text we must meet up and when I suggested it was his turn to arrange it ie book restaurant (as I had done it many times before) I heard nothing back. That was in May…

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  3. I’ve maintained some friendships that I knew I should have let go of because the friendships weren’t the same anymore. Most friends come and go in life and I think it’s better to just let them go.

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    1. You’re so right that friends come and go in life and we should just let them go! When we let them go we make room for new friends to come in. It’s a bit meaningless to maintain a friendship when the connection has long got lost. Thank you for letting me know your reflections on this!

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