Treadmill v.s. Running in the cold


My treadmill got broken last week. The timing couldn’t be worse. We´re in December, a time associated with snow and cold and icy roads. And falls. I had my first fall this winter a couple of weeks ago. My yoga mat saved me from a potential back injury. Instead of hitting the hard icy grand, I landed on that soft role of rubber fastened on my back.

That´s why I got the treadmill into our tiny gym in the basement. It was meant to fulfil the following requirement:

  • Four running excises per week, exactly one hour and half per exercise. It must be a reasonable requirement with that price, I wonder?

But instead, it surrended completely.

Having no desire to challenge the cold and wind, I kept running on the treadmill  since November. Am I totally dependent on a maskin? It´s a bit ridiculous. But the thought of running outdoors with temperature down to minus ten and in total darkness gives me miserable feelings.

I set up the alarm at 5.40 and get up 6.00 in the morning. With the treadmill lying silently in the basement, I decide to run outdoors. Putting on my wool sweater, wool hat and gloves (in Norway we say “wool is gold”), I step out of the front  door quietly. My phone shows minus 5 degrees Celsius, I can feel it on my skin. The moon is shinning brightly from the dark-blue sky. The air chill and fresh. I`m immediately embraced by the darkness and tranquility.

And then I realise what I missed out, the beauty of Norwegian winter.


The snowflakes are falling lightly but they´re not visible in the picture. I have the whole place for myself.


The shadow of the tree and the lights shinning outside the house creates a magical atmosphere.


I´m running towards the lake, encountering no one on the road.


A huge wooden house is hidden behind the bushes, the real scene is much more atmospheric than it´s revealed in the picture.


017EB77D-AF29-4A06-8848-2E27DFF79566With a freer soul and clearer mind, I´m on my way back home. Full of energy and excitement.


Back home.


Running outdoors in winter? Not bad at all.




Author: Isabelle

Content writer / editor & Language advisor

32 thoughts on “Treadmill v.s. Running in the cold”

    1. I prefer to have it done in the morning and then I have the whole day in front of me, such a liberating feeling. I think I’ll avoid running outside when it’s too icy and cold. Minus 5 is fine, minus 10 might be too much. I’ll do some indoor cycling instead plus yoga of course. Thank you 😊

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  1. I can totally relate to this!
    Running in Winter has its own charm for sure. It’s still dark outside but u’re determined to get outta bed and get dressed up properly – this is the hard part for me. Once u’re outside, the rest is rather enjoyable – fresh air, quietness, time to solely focus on u. I gotta sat that’s quite rewarding.
    Just be careful with icy roads. Ok? 🙂
    Happy running!

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    1. What you considered the hard part is my hardest part. You didn’t see me struggling to get up, I set the alarm at 05.50 and got up at 06.10. I always set the alarm a little earlier to give myself sufficient “struggling time” 😊 And you’re so right that once I’m up, I embrace what life has to offer – it’s magical. I’ll be careful of the icy roads, thank you. Enjoy your evening!

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  2. OH MY GOSH!!!! YOU ROCK!!! Seriously! Next time I’m being a baby about biking or walking in the cold here (which, in world terms, really isn’t that cold!) I’ll remember You running in the snow. Thank You for the lovely pictures….wow…and did I mention that YOU ROCK?!!! Cheers! 😃

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    1. Thank you for the lovely comment! I’ll keep running as long as the temp is manageable. Much more fun running outside, good for the body, the mind and the soul. Keep posting your beautiful paintings, pure enjoyment! 😊

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  3. thanks for sharing the lesson Isabelle . it’s so true that though its hard to reach out of one’s comfort zone ,once you succeed doing it,you get a chance to experience amazing and more exciting surprises that life has to offer. i admire your energy for catching the right magical moments in life.

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    1. Thank you for your kind words and reflections on the “stepping out of the comfort zone” mentality, Bonita! Can’t agree more! I think as human beings, many of us have a tendency to stick to things that we feel comfortable with. I thought indoor running was safer and more practical than running outside. What a misjudgement!
      I enjoyed reading your posts, always well-written and insightful! 😊

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  4. Wow first of all, I’m impressed that you are running outside and at this time of year;) The view is amazing!!! How the snow covers it all with the glittering white powder:) I actually got some Christmas mood here❤️

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  5. I am not sure if I should tell you how much I love this kind of weather, minus 5 and snow! But then, I don’ t have to withstand it for months on end. The illumination on the snow is almost ethereal for me, and I am completely mesmerized by it.

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    1. I understand your passion for the beauty of winter. The Norwegian winter is serenely beautiful, especially when the sun is shining on the mountains covered with snow. It’s just that the winter is a bit to long for someone who longs for sea breeze and sandy beaches.


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