Some random thoughts – Yoga, blogging, Christmas/winter, and running


I couldn’t quite fall asleep last night with those random thoughts running in my head. Was trying to figure out the content for my next blog post, several ideas turned up but so loosely that I couldn’t settle my mind on any of them. They were random and disconnected and remained so until I eventually fell asleep. Here it is, a blog post about random thoughts.

My thought about Yoga

I´ve been doing yoga for about 11 months and the style of yoga I´m practising is called Jivamukti Yoga, which is a combination of physical, ethical, and spiritual practice. I attend 3 yoga sessions every week, in one of the leading Yoga centres in Oslo – HiYoga.



(Those fantastic yoga teachers at HiYoga, this picture and the one above are from HiYoga)


(I fell asleep when I was lying on the yoga mat at the end of the practice last Friday. The hall was empty when I woke up, and I took this picture 🙂

At the beginning of each practice, we´re asked to set an intention – to dedicate the practice to someone or something we care about. It can be someone who´s having a difficult time, or something we´re struggling to resolve. My practice was initially dedicated to my loved ones, gradually, I started to dedicate the practice to myself, wishing the energy generated and the spirit would help me maintain a balanced and harmonious inner world. Only when I feel good about myself, I can pass happiness and positiveness to people around me. The effect is apparent, I have a more peaceful mind, I’ve recognised the power and pleasure of being grateful, I’m more generous and tolerant, and magically, people respond with the same qualities and patterns, I get many good things in return. If you want to change the world, start with yourself, it´s said. Lot´s of truth in it.



(My Jivamukti yoga teacher Camilla Coucheron, with blond hair. She places  great emphasis on mindfulness encouraging us to create space in our mind as well as our body. These two pictures are from HiYoga)

My thought about blogging

I´ve noticed that I spend more and more time on reading blog posts from my fellow bloggers. Many inspiring and thought-provoking posts out there, the thing is it takes tremendous amount of time to read them all. I find myself reading constantly, I read whenever I´ve got a chance. Sounds a bit exhausting, right? I don’t even have a large number of followers. Perhaps I should be more selective? But sometimes I find it hard to read some posts and then ignore others popped up in my feed. I know how much time and effort that are hidden behind the post titles. It´s all about hard work and dedication.

My thought about Christmas and winter

The annual Christmas rush is fast approaching, I can feel it on my skin. As I´m getting older, I no longer appreciate Christmas which is supposed to be the most celebrated and cherished time in the West. It´s very commercialised, ads of gift ideas pop up in all kinds of media. I´m tired of it already. That being said, I enjoy giving presents to people I care, I love seeing their smile and satisfaction. Then it´s all worth it again – the running from shop to shop, the sweating.


(Last year’s Christmas, at Spikersuppe skating rink, Oslo. Love the Christmas atmosphere though not the Christmas rush 🙂

It´s pretty cold in Norway now, the snow is yet to come, which I think is good. I don´t particularly adore snow, it´s not snow itself but the winter, which is far too long in Scandinavia. I long for the sun, the sea and the warm and intimate atmosphere in the Canarian Isles. If I didn’t have the commitments, I would have moved to a country with warmer climate, I would have lived a freer life. A more adventurous and spontaneous one, the true Saggitarious spirit.


(Took this one and the one below on my way out for a walk today, at 02.56 pm)


(This old charming house in my neighbourhood is said to be on the State Historic Preservation List. A glimpse of traditional Norwegian architecture.)

My thought about running

I´m a dedicated runner, close to be a running addict, or am I already? I usually set my clock alarm at 05:45 a.m. and after 15 minutes´struggling (to get up) I´ll be on the treadmill running at 06:10, sometimes with my eyes closed (just for a few seconds), I suppose my mind is still in some kind of sleeping mode. However, the treadmill is only an option in winter as it’s a bit risky running beside the lake in total darkness. Running is much more fun in other seasons – when the sun is out and the view is breathtaking, as the pictures below illustrate. It´s meditation.




This post is all about the random thoughts, hope you find it interesting anyway. Thank you for reading it. Take care 🙂

With love,

Isabelle ❤️


Author: Isabelle

Content writer / editor & Language advisor

8 thoughts on “Some random thoughts – Yoga, blogging, Christmas/winter, and running”

  1. Enjoy your yoga journey. I have been practicing fairly regularly at home, and it does help create an inner peace in my life. You live in a beautiful country………my husband and I just returned from a trip which ended with a week in Norway.

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    1. We take different paths at different stages of our lives. I tried yoga many years ago but quit it quickly because of an old back injury. Running has always been my thing. Started doing yoga again in January when I was having a difficult time, this time it worked well 😊 Thank you for the comment!

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