When the day started in a different way than it was planned to


(The autumn in Oslo, Norway)

It all started with the modelling clay. The youngest suddenly re-discovered his passion for modelling and was eager to serve nutritious and well-balanced breakfast for his mum before heading to the kindergarten. It took time to form tiny broccoli, watermelons, donuts, fish and shrimps. It took time to reach the underground station while my little was busy exploring the rocks and plants. And it took time to say goodbye with all these little sweet hugs.


(After countless hugs, I was on my way back to the underground station. The sky was clear and bright)


(I passed this house which would certainly realise “my old house dream”)

I got a water gun in my bag together with the thesis stuff, strangely, they were rather compatible, it sort of defined my day, the unexpected with the expected. A bit different start of the day, lovely.

So here I was, at Blindern station close to the campus, 1 1/2 hours behind the schedule. With the head bent over, I was trying to figure out how many pages I would have to write with the time available to me. “Would you like some coffee or fresh buns?” A soft voice interrupted my mind. I was hesitant about carrying a hot drink while walking the whole distance to the campus. Lifting my head, I quickly changed my mind. He must be 13-14 years old.

With his dark brown wavy hair, deep dark brown eyes, the young gentleman looked exceptionally handsome. He was tall with straight legs, a dimple appeared when he was smiling, and it made the smile very warm and contagious. He didn’t have that kind of cool attitude typically associated with boys at his age. He was friendly, bright and fairly confident. Casper was his name.

He carried a wooden basket covered with a flowery cloth. “Your mother baked the buns?” I asked him. Oh no, he baked them all himself. What a surprise. He poured the fresh coffee from a thermos into a paper cup and passed it to me, carefully so no liquid spilt out. He offered me milk to the coffee, I didn’t expect him to take all this so seriously. But he did, a carton of lactose-free milk was hidden in his backpack, so was the sugar. 25 Norwegian kroner (approx. 3 dollars) for the raisin bun and coffee, I paid him 35 for making the day so much brighter for people like me, who was initially in a bit of a hurry. The pleasant conversation, the delicious bun and fresh coffee made the whole difference, I was in such a good mood after that.


It was a bit ridiculous to place the bun and coffee on a tree stump when I was trying to find the right angle for a shot (sounds like I´m a professional but I´m not, was just eager to record this moment). The students walked by certainly gave me some strange looks 🙂



(A beautiful sunny morning, which made everything so harmonious in the Thai restaurant at the campus)


(A break from the writing, that ghost was me 🙂


(I get my daily 3 cups of tea here – one of the cafes at the campus)


It was the end of the day, Thursday 02.11.2017. A beautiful day, isn´t it, with that “living in the moment” approach 🙂

Hope you enjoyed the post. Have a good week and take care!

Author: Isabelle

Content writer / editor & Language advisor

24 thoughts on “When the day started in a different way than it was planned to”

    1. I worked in the finance department in a Scandinavian based company until mid July this year. Now I’m doing my master’s in English language and aim to find a job in the language/teaching profession.


  1. Oslo is so beautiful on days like that☺️ haha my sons name is Casper also;) I really miss the buns and hot beverage:) doesn’t get so much homesick when I read your post❤️❤️❤️

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      1. I should pluck up the courage to have a chat with them. I was thinking of asking them about the history of the house but never did. I don’t want to be considered intrusive. Privacy is if great importance in this country.


      2. It is hard to imagine the Norwegians being offended about a valid historical enquiry but people can react strongly about certain things and I do think privacy is a big deal to them. I was once reprimanded severely by a now ex-Norwegian friend for sharing something on social media that was publicly available and shared by others.

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