Living in the moment – this is how I approach it


(I had a cup of coffee and a decent talk with my best friend since primary school, we just let time pass and let our thoughts fly…)

I came across the expression “living in the moment/present” countless times and I was well aware that there was much truth in it, but it wasn’t until March this year that I started becoming truly conscious of it. There´re different ways of achieving mindfulness, paying attention to the small beautiful things around me is one of the approaches I´ve taken.As you might have figured out, this delayed consciousness was triggered by something else – a hard lesson I´ve learnt. 2016 wasn’t the smoothest year in my life, and I struggled quite a bit to come over some tough challenges. I was frightened by the thought that I was out of control and had lost my identity – myself. I managed to hide the chaos inside me from most people, I managed to keep smiling and appear optimistic. I was even capable of making some “sincere” jokes. The mess and confusion immediately returned when I was left alone. The thoughts started flying into all directions, accompanied by the same sad song on repeat, I was drown in the melancholy which in some way, I created for myself.

Things that don’t get you down make you stronger, it´s said. Not sure if I´ve come out stronger but I did make some substantial changes to my life.

In addition to practising yoga and writing the blog, I´ve become highly conscious of my surroundings – the beautiful things I used to walk by without giving a second thought. I didn’t have time for that, to explore the beauty in small things. I found it difficult to get completely relaxed, had constantly a feeling that something should have been done but not. The mind was always in a rush. Things are different today, as being illustrated below.


After working on my Master thesis the whole day at the campus, I was a bit exhausted and attempted to catch the tube which unfortunetely, just left the station when I arrived. It meant I would have to wait 7 minutes for the next one. Instead of getting upset, I stood on the bridge and enjoyed the beautiful signs of autumn.


I was fortunate enough to be picked up at the campus on a Friday evening, this one was taken in the parking lot. Magical atmosphere.


This one was taken outside the student apartments at University of Oslo a sunny day this week. I passed these buildings so many times before but had never stopped for a closer look until now.  Beautiful, isn´t it?


On my way to the tube station near home, got only a couple of minutes to catch up the tube but I couldn’t let the chance go. Fog isn´t quite common in this season. I took the picture before running to the station. Being a regular runner, I made it:)



These two were taken the day after, same time and same place. No fog this time. What a contrast.


Walking towards my house at around 17.00. It must be the first time I didn’t bother grabbing the keys from my bag but lifted my head experimenting the sky instead…


In town, I took this one after my yoga sessions. The sun eventually came out after heavy rain for almost a week.


Waiting for someone who was late, no stress. The tree in autumn colour caught my eyes.



An afternoon stroll in the Botanic garden yesterday.



The plums from the garden, taken in summer this year.


The first rose growing up in the garden.


An unexpected guest, a wild duck paid us a visit in summer, I fed it with 3-4 slices of bread. My youngest and I spent 10 minutes observing and discussing about this cute creature.


We planted a single potato just for fun and got over 20 potatoes in return.

B7B135D7-ACD2-4197-91DA-1C22BA98547C.jpegAll of a sudden, a squirrel turned up when we were having a walk in the park.

I hope you enjoyed reading the post, this is how my life looks like today. A more intentional life – less stress and more focus on mindfulness. As usual, a great pleasure to share it with you 🙂 Take care.

Author: Isabelle

Content writer / editor & Language advisor

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