My five day trip – the charm of Stockholm (part one)



There was the autumn break in Norway last week, after considering various options for an “autumn escape”, we went for Stockholm. A train trip must be a good choice I thought, and it proved to be true – environmentally friendly and a brand new experience for the whole family.

After 5 1/2 hours reading (“Mrs Dalloway” by Virginia Woolf), writing (the previous blog post with the same title as the book I was reading) and observing (not the passengers but the landscape) on the train, we arrived at the Central Station at 19:20.


(Gorgeous oganic chocolate goes well with fresh coffee)

I was surrounded by darkness and it started raining. Not the ideal start of an adventure you might think. I was just excited, ready to explore any mysteries the city had to offer. As I´m getting older, I´ve learnt to embrace the unknown. Beauty and magic often remains unnoticed until it being discovered and cherished.

Making our way to the hotel, the atmosphere was pleasant and warm (strange, isn´t it? The weather was rather chilly).



(Stockholm is beautiful at night, don’t you think?)

The Old Town was at the top of the list, naturally, it was our first destination of the journey.


(The entrance of the Old Town)


(Two young women in old fashioned dresses and two gentalmen strolling alone the road gives a sense of how life might be like in 18th century)

When the rest of family went to the cafe for a break, I was thinking: now it´s time for the real adventure. I love the feeling of wandering on my own, the focus is often necessary for me to get the essence of an unfamiliar place.


(I cought the moment – a completely empty street with heavy stone buildings on both sides)


(The German church on a side road)


(A pub with warm and intimate atmosphere, I don’t drink but I love pubs)


(From the city square you can spot the sea)


(Narrow path with buildings on both sides is a distinctive feature of the Old Town)


(A gallery with a nostalgic touch)


(Are you a moomins’ fan, “watch out” for this moomins shop on the left side. The sun seems extremely compatible with the old buildings, picturistic!)

I got up early the next morning, the best way of getting a deep impression of the city is…What do you think? – Running through the streets exactly! So I did.


(The first remarkable building I came across during the jogging trip)



(I made to the top of a hill. Thrilled by the stunning view, 07:30 in Stockholm was just beautiful and breathtaking!)


(The Orthodox Church, I suppose it’s a Greek church. Not entirely sure given that I’m a church enthusiast but not an expert)


(It’s autumn, no doubt about it, the falling leaves tell everything…)


(A book shop shouldn’t be missed out, I go for the one with Churchill on the cover)

After running for about one hour, I was pretty sure that I had covered the whole area in town. The route I chose was rather random, I took the one which was most appealing to me at that particular point, an impulsive act. There´s surely downsides of taking such an approach, especially for those who lack a good sense of direction. I belong to that category unfortunately so it didn’t come as a huge surprise when I realised that I got lost, as I did so many times earlier, in different parts of the world. Nothing was recognisable when I decided to head back.


(No panic, the sprit is still high, one more picture please. Anyone lives in that tower?)

Three nice women helped me out and pointed to the directions so I managed to get back to the hotel 15 minutes before the breakfast service would be closed. My first breakfast in Stockholm looked like this: slices of watermelon and honey melon covered the whole plate and two cups of English breakfast tea. I´m a melon lover and heavy tea drinker, time to exaggerate a bit. I noticed that I was the only one wearing jogger pants and running shoes in the fine restaurant, who cares, I´m on holiday 🙂


(The holiday mood is perfectly illustrated by this picture 🙂

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, a pleasure to share my experience with you. More posts about the trip are on the way. Stockholm is awesome, the autumn in Stockholm is marvellous!


Author: Isabelle

Content writer / editor & Language advisor

12 thoughts on “My five day trip – the charm of Stockholm (part one)”

  1. Stockholm is beautiful indeed. We have lived very near to your third photo of this post, the one with watch on it near unique hotel, Stockholm. The pics of old city gamlastan are also interesting along with the city hall and palace. Glad to bump into your blog 😊
    Have a great day ahead!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It was the first time we’ve been to Stockholm and it was such an enjoyable experience! People were very helpful and nice. The atmosphere in “Gamlebyen” was so cosy and relaxed. We’re planning to have a return-trip in the near future 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Dreamy images of Stockholm ! I do enjoy getting up early and exploring a city. I do agree that wandering solo can enhance the traveller’s experience, as you are more focused on the surroundings. I never thought solo travel would be so enjoyable.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Fully agree! I’ve got the habit of wandering on my own, exploring the hidden gems and having a chat with locals when I’m on holiday. Typical tourist attractions aren’t attractive to me, what’s important is to have a glimpse (or a deep insight) into the ways locals live.


      1. That is exactly it. I do visit a few typist attractions but they quickly become boring. It is meeting the locals and seeing the differences and contrasts with home that give me enjoyment as well. We clearly travel with the same mindset. One can discovery all sorts of beautiful spots walking down a street or road, just to see what is down there! Not everybody gets that.

        Liked by 1 person

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