The lake, the summer and running


When the alarm woke me up at 05:50, I wished it was a dream. I didn’t have a good sleep last night, had some kind of odd dreams. It must be the book I was reading right before the bedtime.

One of the themes was about life and death, certainly too philosophical to be absorbed so it appeared several times during my sleep, unconsciously.


It seemed to be a cloudy day, no sign of the sun yet, it was extremely tempting to have an extra half hours’ sleep. The motivation for a morning jog wasn’t at its highest level, it must be the determination that kept me going because I did get up after all. It was 06:04, so 14 minutes struggling, not that bad, I may even be able to reduce it a bit next time, 10 minutes perhaps, or shorter? I doubt I will.

I prefer to have a jog in the morning, it’s excellent exercise and pure meditation. The feeling of “I made it” is wonderful. It’s a good start of the day, refreshing physically and mentally. And it doesn’t affect my daily routine as it’s already done when the day starts.


The sun was out when I had my third run. I’ve been running beside the lake (Holmendammen) so many times that I thought the view wouldn’t impress me any more. I got it wrong again, how beautiful it is. The pictures say it all.


With the autumn fast approaching, it’s good to be reminded of the beauty of summer. The summer in Norway.

Author: Isabelle

Content writer / editor & Language advisor

8 thoughts on “The lake, the summer and running”

  1. When the good things we enjoy become normal, like a routine, we tend to stop enjoying it but to be happy, to feel happy you need to see them as if it was the first time.

    In Spain, Every day I see the same blue sky, and the same mountains, and the same everything. I enjoy them every day because I am alive, healthy and without any kind of problem.

    And when everything is great why don’t enjoy, every day, everything we see and have? And believe me, I do it!


    1. I always remind myself to live in the present and enjoy the moment but I still seem to forget it sometimes. Your approach towards life is adorable Antonio, we should slow down a bit, pay attention and cherish the beauty around us.

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      1. But sometimes it is so hard to be present and grateful for everything. It depends on our mood, day or even weather. I agree with Antonio so that enjoy our daily activities and routine we should see that as the first time but it doesn’t always work out. We should work on our attention span with I really struggle these days. Nevertheless, I wish you and even myself more thankful days despite defeats we come across.

        best regards


  2. I fully agree with you Agnes. It’s not always easy to stick to the “living in the present” principle, our mood is often influenced by the surroundings, the people around us, and the things happened to us. I try to build up my inner balance and strength so that I’ll be less influenced by the factors which are out of my control. Reading, running and yoga are my way to escape the world for a little while. It gives me a more peaceful mind and then it enables me to open my eyes and heart for beautiful things around me. Passing my best wishes to you Agnes, take care.


    1. I also found out the running as a balance to keep my sanity, sort of self-care. I completely zone out while running and sometimes catch myself on a thought that I have to go out now otherwise I explode. Obviously, I’m not as good as you, you’re a long-distance runner, but quite proud of myself doing that. I can imagine that yoga helps you relax and rest nonetheless and that is a good point, nevertheless for me relaxing is a tough part of my life and I can’t do it properly. I’m still looking for a good way of fulfilling myself.


      1. So good to hear that you find running helpful in dealing with stress or other kind of unpleasant situations Agnes. You ought to be proud of your achievement. Distance doesn’t matter, running helps to build up the physical strength and mental balance. I believe it. You’re not alone when you said you found it hard to relax completely. We live in this fast-paced world with things to catch up constantly. But sometimes it’s necessary to take a break from the hustle and bustle of big cities. A beach holiday (can be an expensive option) or a podcast episode from Luke perhaps? Or just a cup of tea and a good book 🙂 Don’t give up, keep trying. Best wishes!


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