When I thought I had lost my diamond necklace on my last day in Crete


(My last night in Crete, magical atmosphere)

It had been two lovely weeks in Crete, my head was stuffed with good memories and my heart full of gratitude. I was fairly tanned, reminding me that it was time to head home, but my heart sort of refused to, no I hadn’t had enough of Crete. I got a plan for my last day on this lovely island with two things on the list:

  1. Visit The White River Cottages (Done, please go back to my previous post if you´d like to know more about the trip)
  2. Go to the local orthodox church between 19.30 – 21.00 when the service is conducted. (I´ve always had a great interest in churches, the architecture style, the atmosphere, and certainly, the spiritual insights)

I made my way to the church right after the dinner, the sun was starting to withdraw from the sky, it felt all comfortable with light wind coming from the sea.

Something is still not quite right, where´s my diamond necklace? The therapist took it off for me before giving me a light massage in the afternoon, and I believed I had put it in my bag. But where is it now? I turned to a corner and emptied the bag, there was a book, some coins and a few other things, no sign of the necklace. I was sweating, where could I possibly have left it? I ran back to the hotel room and searched high and low, the rubbish bin was no exception. But no, not there. I ran off to the souvenir shop where I paid a visit in the afternoon, the owner, an old man with a kind and supportive smile searched under the shelves where the souvenir items were displayed, not there either. It was getting dark, I walked slowly around the resort, hoping to see that little thing shining somewhere in the grass, or perhaps behind a olive tree. No sign of it.


Walking back to the hotel room, I felt a little lost. I missed out the church, and I lost the necklace, a gift with great sentimental value. Struggling to collect the thoughts, I tried to stay calm, no I shouldn’t let this incident destroy all the enjoyment I´ve had during these two weeks. It´s just the way life is, I gained something and I lost other things. It´s sometimes hard to say what´s more important, things I´ve gained or things I´ve lost. I remind myself how much enjoyment the trip has given me, the beautiful coasts, the lovely people, all the wonderful experiences. These good things should make up that little thing I´ve lost. I´m sure they do. I´ve lost it, it means it doesn’t belong to me, does it? Though I´ve had it for ages.


The staff at the resort did what they could to trace the necklace, on the next morning when I was about to take the bus to the airport, the receptionist, with an apologetic smile said she was sorry for this rather bad ending of a wonderful trip. I looked at her, with the most enthusiastic voice I could make, telling her that it wasn’t at all a bad ending, I would only remember the good things happened to me during the two weeks, and I was grateful for everything Crete offered me. We smiled to each other, a sort of smile that we both understood perfectly. The last words she said was I should remain positive and the necklace might have been misplaced somewhere.

I pushed it away every time my thought about the necklace turned up, but the picture I took the day before it was gone kept reminding me how precious it was.

So it happened, on the fourth day after I came home. At the underground station, I was sorting out those random cards placed in my mobile cover while waiting for the tube to come, that shinning little thing slipped out of the cover in a mysterious way. It must be one of the most magical moments in my life. Have still no idea how it could have been kept in the mobile cover for such a long time without being noticed. I had the phone close to me literally at any time.

It´s just the way life is, I can never be too sure about what will happen next, so I take it as it comes.


(I got the necklace back 🙂


Author: Isabelle

Content writer / editor & Language advisor

6 thoughts on “When I thought I had lost my diamond necklace on my last day in Crete”

  1. I’m glad that you finally found it. When I travel I try to leave my precious things at home to avoid those incidents. Thanks Isabelle for sharing the story. Hope you have the chance to visit the church someday.


    1. Thank you so much for the kind words and consideration Jilmani! I’m grateful that it went well at last. Yeah I definitely need to be more careful with my possessions on holiday. I’ll visit the orthodox churches next time I’m in Crete or another island in Greece. I’m pretty sure about that. Thank you again for the nice comment Jilmani:) Very much appreciated!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey I knew there would be a twist! 😀
    I’m so glad that you got your necklace back. Also I appreciated how you deal with the situation, how you stayed positive. I think it’s really important.
    We all have similar experience – losing something special, important to us and mostly you don’t get to find it again – especially when we’re kids. I was clumsy at times and used to lose some important stuff. Of course I was too young to be able to tell myself “things happen and it’s just the way it is. Let’s move on.” Actually if you imagine a kid saying that, it’s kind of funny 🙂
    Anyway thanks for the posting. I really enjoyed it. Have a good day, Isabelle!


    1. I knew you would get it, I was so sure 🙂 I mean that twist. I was playing with the words, imagine if the post was titled “Eventually I’ve found my necklace” or something similar, how dull that would be 🙂

      You was clumsy at times when you was a kid, and I’ve been clumsy in my whole life 🙂 Sounds awful, doesn’t it? My father used to joke about my clumsiness, he said he was worried that one day I might leave my head somewhere and unable to find it again…
      I guess it’s just that I have too many thoughts in my head and sometimes I’m very detached from the world. I mean the real word. I’m drown in my own thoughts:)
      I think I’ll be worried if a child has that kind of “reasonable ” thought as you described…:)


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