Running – a perfect way to discover the world


I hated running when I was young and made every possible excuse to skip it. I was always among the last ones to cross the finish line in gym classes at the primary school (also at the secondary school in this respect). It was quite embarrassing. But how long have I been jogging since I took the first step? It´s been 20 years. I hope I could call it an “achievement”. I remember I had my first jog on a Sunday morning, in an outdoor parking lot belonging to a shopping centre. It´s weird, isn’t it? I can´t figure out why I decided to start my jogging journey, which must be one of the most important journeys in my life, in a parking lot and not the woods nearby. Anyway, the shopping centre was closed on Sunday so I got plenty of space. My first attempt at becoming a long-distance runner wasn’t particularly successful as I was feeling exhausted after 15 minutes. However, I wasn’t too upset as I thought I might have a talent for short-distance running 🙂 The motivation was hight though I have no idea where I got the motivation from. In my case, it has been proven that it was possible to be a long-distance runner if I was motivated and disciplined (discipline was even more important than motivation). Over time, these two qualities merged into a life style which is hard to get rid of. (Now I normally run about 14 km per exercise).



To me it means running in any kind of weather conditions and any part of the world. I was used to running in heavy rain (not recommended if you wear makeup), the rain mixed up with mascara was running below my eyes but I cared more about completing my regular 1 1/2 hours jogging exercise. I´m sure I didn’t look great after that “significant accomplishment”. I was used to running in heavy snow with temperature down to minus 10 (not recommended as the chance for catching a cold is possibly quite high), I was down with fever for a couple of days once.



I have no idea whether other joggers fall over during their jogging exercise but I guess most of them have had this kind of accidents at some point. I fell over quite a few times when I was running, and some of the falls were more serious than others. On a dark winter´s evening in Leeds many years ago, I fell into a hole when I was running back to the student appartment, the knees were bleeding heavily, then the tears came, not only because of the pain but also the terrible loneliness I felt at that moment.

One of the benefits of jogging regularly is having the opportunity to catch small beautiful moments which otherwise would be ignored. I take my running shoes with me wherever I go, and I´ve jogged in many countries. It was practical and it helped me to get to know the places in depth, the architecture, the local culture and the people. Running gives me a feeling of absolute freedom. I love wandering on my own and get to know the unknown. That being said, my sense of direction is however, nothing to be proud of, so I´ve got lost in both forest and big cities. It was a bit frustrating but nothing compared to the excitement of having an adventure.


This picture was taken when I was on my way home from a jog on Christmas Day last year (2016), though the snow was absent, the sun came out in the afternoon.



This one was taken in the early morning when I was running beside the lake close to my home – Holmendammen.


Evening jog – Holmendammen.


I went for a jog every day when I was on my holiday in Tenerife, I’m kind of emotionally attached to the sandy beaches in Playa de las Americas, which is on Tenerife’s southwest coast. It was touching running beside the sea, as if I was reaching the end of the Earth.


A magical scene at night – an evening stroll on the Christmas Eve in Tenerife in 2015.


This one was taken when I was running in a park in Shanghai.


I went for a jog in the (most well-known) public park in Oslo – Frognerparken.

Thank you for reading the post, and I hope you enjoyed it 😊

Author: Isabelle

Content writer / editor & Language advisor

9 thoughts on “Running – a perfect way to discover the world”

  1. I was expecting to read about jogging one day and today’s my lucky day 🙂
    I actually started jogging in my late 20s. So what happened? Let’s go back a little bit. When I was 12, I got into basketball just like many other kids. 90s was golden days of NBA. Remember Michael Jordan? In fact, I got into it too much – more than my body can handle – that I got ‘jumper’s knee’. Patellar tendinitis, the medical term for jumper’s knee, got real bad that my doctor advised me against to playing basketball. Otherwise I could have faced really serious consequences. Since then I didn’t do any exercises that could exacerbate my knee joints. Of course that included running. so I turned to weightlifting instead. It kept me in shape and energized but I realized that I lost the ‘fun’ part. It was rather painful, dull.. felt like work which made me almost quit workout itself.
    One day, for no specific reason, it just hit me that I wanted to run. Just like that, jogging became my thing. What about my knees? Well, they actually got better now so it’s been fine so far and it will be unless I run a marathon which I wouldn’t. :p
    I totally agree with you that running is the best way to know the place in depth. It’s like exploring AND running at the same time – we’re talking about getting two birds with one stone situation here. Speaking of which, your jogging route is AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL! God, I’d love to run in your neighborhood! Also, Tenerife looks amazing! I really want to spend some time there. Maybe I should plan my holiday there 😉
    For me, the beauty of running is its simplicity. When I run, I only focus on what’s ahead and my body – simple as that. I let my mind take a break which is quite exhilarating. Workout for body, rest for mind is the best combination for me. Maybe it’s the same kind of freedom you mentioned because I feel ‘freed’ while running.

    PS. I’m sorry that you fell so hard.. I hope that doesn’t happen to you anymore. 🙂


    1. Thanks for the lovely comment, Ethan! It’s good to know that jogging has a positive effect on your knees (be careful, don’t overdo it). I had an ankle injury a couple of years ago and had to take a break from running for 1 1/2 months, it was awful for someone who was jogging addicted. Jogging gives me a feeling of freedom in the sense that when I’m running (in the woods in particular), I’m completely on my own, both physically and mentally. The thoughts are flying around in my head without being distracted. I need that “mental break” from outside world, preferably every day, in order to recharge and sometimes recover. I love running when I’m on holidays, exploring the unknown (freely) in this way is fantastic. Being a Sagittarius, freedom is extremely important to me. I need my space. Jogging, reading and yoga gives me the space needed.
      Thank you for the concern! I would be careful when I have a run. I totally agree with you, it’s lovely to have a run in my neighbourhood, Norway is well-known for its beautiful nature and it’s the undeniable truth. Thank you for the chat! 😊


      1. Yes, I shouldn’t overdo it.. which is why I run max 1 hour.
        BTW, what do u say about being a scorpion? 🙂


    2. My brother is Scorpion so I’ve read a little about this particular zodiac sign. The emotions of a Scorpion man is deep and he can be intense in his approach, he’s loyal and giving, and he can be painfully honest. When he is deeply in love, he’s compassionate and emotionally understanding. This is what I read so take it with a grain of salt 😊 My brother and I are very close, but I don’t think I’ve ever understood him. I read somewhere saying that Scorpion is a bit mysterious and sophisticated.


  2. Wow, what a lovely read and lovey pictures — breathtaking! :))
    14 km each exercise, it’s a lot!
    20 years — it must be almost the whole life experience to some of your readers.
    So many places you’ve discovered through running. I imagine you enjoy seeing new places and enjoy the feeling that you got to those on your own feet (literally trying out your own borders).
    My jogger’s journey started just one year ago — I’m quite a young runner, but I can relate to your sensation of freedom and opennes during a run.
    To me is running a way of relaxing, of getting back to our roots (which is nature). I prefer to run across the fields and woods. Also is a way of keeping touch with our bodies, of being mindful of here and now.
    Keep running and stay safe! 😉


    1. Thank you for the comment Cat! You mentioned that running is a way to get to our roots – nature. Can’t agree more, we discover the beauty of nature by running in the woods and fields, and we notice the shift of season, there’re beautiful things and moments in every season. It’s good for the mindset when we’re surrounded by nature and tranquility.
      Thanks for the concern Cat! I’ll be careful when I’m having a run. Sometimes I’m just drowned in my thoughts that I barely notice the stones and hills in front of me. 😊


  3. Hi Isabelle,

    I couldn’t help myself adding a comment to this post. Running is also quite new activity to me, I used to hate it in the past and I don’t have a reasonable explanation why I hated running.

    And one day, this year in the middle of February, I felt strong feeling that I want to run. I was after some break from sports activities, after a cold. I got dressed, put my usual training shoes on and went to the woods which is located nearby. And booom, it was like stroke onto my whole body, amazing feeling afterwards, feeling of freedom combined with aching muscles in my legs, which weren’t used so often before. I used to workout in the gym but I got bored with that.

    From that point, I started running regularly, with breaks time to time, but now I can say that I can’t imagine a situation in which I wouldn’t do it.

    I’m not a long distance runner as you, my distance is about 7km, about 40-45 slow jog, but it is enough for me to feel the connection with my mind and body. I think, we all runners have it in common, having incredible feeling:-))


    1. It’s lovely to read your comment, thank you Agnes! Good to know we both have discovered the benefits of jogging and transformed ourselves into jog enthusiasts. As you mentioned, I might also have got that strong feeling the day I suddenly decided to have a run. Kind of a “kick”.
      Seven km with moderate speed is excellent exercise! People around me sometimes argue that I’m overdoing it with my 14 km route. I got an angle injury as a result of excessive running a 1 1/2 years ago, so I certainly need to be careful. I do yoga as well, as a supplement to jogging.
      I also think joggers tend to be thinkers or feelers, they allocate time to thinking and feeling when they have a run. It’s sometimes necessary to free our headspace in an otherwise rather hectic life. Good to have a chat about running, Agnes! 😊


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