Becoming a blogger

I started the blog at the end of March this year. Having blogged regularly (about once a week) for almost two months, it is certainly too early to share my experience of blogging, so here I just want to share some of my thoughts. Before I took the first step and created my own website, I had never thought about using blog as a way of communication. Circumstances around me changed, and then my life changed, as a kind of reflection, I have started to see things from a different angle and have taken the steps that I think might take me to another path. The thing is, it is a cliché to say it – I want to follow my heart.

Reading was one of my main interests when I was a child. I read a lot after school and during the school holidays. My father used to take the books from me as he was worried that too much “external” reading would affect my school work. He would hide the books in the most unthinkable places, but I almost always managed to trace them. I developed this kind of detective skills at an early age. I was good at writing essays and enjoyed expressing myself more through writing than speaking.

Blogging is an excellent way to cultivate my interest for writing – an interest I thought belonged to my past. I had mixed feelings when I published my first blog post, I was excited, but at the same time, I was uncertain whether blogging was the right thing for me. Now I am eventually here to share some of my deepest thoughts and experiences with you – my readers. It is a bit frightening to reveal myself to the outside world.

Writing a blog post usually takes quite some time, instead of letting the thoughts flying around in a disorganised way, they are settled on paper – the destination. I blog in a language which is not my mother tongue, and it means that some extra effort is necessary in terms of checking out the grammar rules and using a more accurate vocabulary.

I have become a better thinker after I started blogging, I think deeper of the various aspects of life, and pay more attention to the people and things around me. I have realised that there are far more beautiful things out there than I previously noticed. Sometimes, pictures tell more than words:


This picture was taken when I was having my morning jog in the wood close to my home. A feeling of tranquility.


The first sunny day after two weeks´rain and snow, we grabbed the opportunity and had a nice picnic lunch on the beach. This one was taken in Huk, a sandy beach not far from the city centre of Oslo.


A quiet stroll beside the sea – Aker Brygge Oslo.


My evening jog, beside the lake – Holmendammen.




These pictures were taken earlier today (28 may 2017) when I was walking around the Bogstad Manor, a historic Manor House owned by several notable people, and among them, Peder Anker – Prime Minister of Norway from 1814 to 1822.

Blogging is like writing my personal journal, some of the most precious moments are recorded and saved. When I re-read the posts later, all the colourful details will hopefully appear  in my mind, those details which might otherwise have gone lost over time.

I have received interesting and constructive comments from the readers who live in Norway as well as those who are from other countries, such as the USA, Germany and Spain. Some of the posts have even been read by people from Japan, Poland, South Korea and India. There is loads of information out there, and most people live a hectic life with commitments and things to catch up. I am grateful that you take time to read my posts and share your thoughts and opinions with me. Thank you.


Author: Isabelle

Content writer / editor & Language advisor

14 thoughts on “Becoming a blogger”

  1. Isabelle,

    it was so pleasurable to read your thoughts here, on the blog. I think that reading has made a huge impact on your writing here. It is simple to read all of that, well structured and accurate words coming up while reading and it makes a sense of the whole. Yes, I absolutely understand that exposing yourself to the entire world might be kind of frightening feeling but you’re doing a good job, so keep doing that!

    best regards from Poland


    1. Thanks for the comment, Agnes! I’m looking for a new path in life, a feeling of uncertainty will appear from time to time. I appeciate your encouragement very much! Having the opportunity to share some thoughts with others is wonderful.


  2. What a lovely place this Huk is! So refreshing!!! I’m already feeling hooked in Huk! 😉
    Was a lovely read, thank you, Isabelle!
    I also was a keen reader in my childhood. But since I grew up in the Soviet Union, and on the countryside, we had to work as hard as stakhanovites. 🙂 So, reading was sometimes considered as a bit too bourgeois.
    Totally agree with you, that writing sharpens your mind. You become more mindful through the day — noticing little tiny thingies, listening to and playing with your own thoughts and words while walking (or jogging) in the countryside. I also enjoy such moments, they are full of magic! Especially in such beautiful surroundings like yours. 🙂
    Looking forward to your next piece, Isabelle.
    Happy blogging!

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    1. Thank you Cat! I’m impressed by the way you express your thoughts and make reflections. You’re a deep thinker and you’re excellent at transforming your thoughts and reflections into words. I’ve been jogging for many years, it’s meditation for me. I take my running shoes with me wherever I go, and I’ve jogged in many places, London, Leeds, shanghai, Tenerife, Majorca, Cyprus, Gran Canaria and more. It was practical and and it helped me to really get to know the places, the architecture, the local culture, and the people. Running gives me a feeling of absolute freedom that I appreciate very much. I love wandering on my own and get to know the unknown. The only thing is I tend to get lost as I’m very bad with orientation. I have got lost in both forest and big cities, it was a bit frustrating but it’s nothing compared to the excitement of having an adventure 😊


      1. Isabelle, you are in a privileged position of having had those moments and wonderful places in your life. I’m sure you feel immensely grateful each single day to your own and your family’s strengths and possibilities that have offered you such unique opportunities! You are a happy person! 😉
        Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences with us and with the world! 🙂


  3. I love these pictures which give me a mixture of exotic and familiar feeling. Exotic because they’re european – Scandinavian to be more accurate – which are quite different with places I’ve lived so far. Also familiar because, for me, I have some personal connections with Finland. I’ve been there several times for work.. but more importantly I have a few Fin friends who are quite close to me. Before knowing them, all these countries were just some names on a map. Now, I have this really warm feelings toward them. It might sound a little far-fetched but that’s simply how I feel. 🙂
    I also bring my running shoes with myself everywhere I go. It’s like a ritual for me. Checking jogging routes, weather.. they’re all part of it. Also it’s one of the best ways to really get to know the place. A little morning adventure is all it takes!

    PS. I suck at directions as well. So I always bring my iPhone with me.. Thank you Google Maps! LOL


    1. Thank you for the lovely message, Ethan! It’s such a pleasure to read it. So good to hear that you have a close connection to Finland. I visited Helsinki many years ago, I remember it was in winter and the whole city was covered by snow. My flight trip to Shanghai normally goes via Helsinki so I’ve been to the airport a number of times. Unlike Swedish and Danish, which are linguistically close to Norwegian, Finnish sounds quite different. I can, to a great extent, read and understand Swedish and Danish, but Finnish is completely unfamiliar to me. So good to hear that du have warm feelings for countries in Scandinavia, it doesn’t sound far-fetched to me at all. Connection is something magical, it cannot always be explained. It’s more like a deep feeling, sometimes an instant and magical bond with someone or something. For instance, I feel a strong connection to a particular Irish pub in Oslo, the beach in Las Americas in Tenerife, and a nostalgic cafe in a city called Fredrikstad in Norway. Certainly there’re reasons behind it.
      So good to hear that you also have a passion for jogging, and the same here, the first thing I do when I’m on holiday or have a job trip is to check out the jogging conditions and weather. Jogging has become a life style, something I can’t live without. Lovely to have a chat with you, Ethan, as always. Thank you 😊


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