The yoga retreat in Geilo – Norway

IMG_4592A yoga retreat with workshops was arranged in Geilo in Norway last weekend. I arrived Geilo train station on Friday afternoon, alone. The sun eventually came out and made it a perfect start of the weekend. It had been a nice 3 1/2 hours train trip, I finished a book called “My career as a novelist”, written by the well-known Japanese writer Haruki Murakami. Being fascinated by the title “Norwegian wood”, I read one of his bestselling books many years ago. Why Norwegian wood? Is the story set in Norway? It turned out that the title refers to the song “Norwegian wood”, written by John Lennon. The song has a symbolic meaning in the story, and forest settings and imagery are two important features of the novel. A great book which is translated into many languages, the one I read was in Chinese.


Back to track, it is the trip I am going to write about. Being the first ski resort in Norway, Geilo is in a valley with mountain ranges on each side. Surrounded by high mountains and big woods, it is the perfect destination for skiing enthusiasts.

The yoga event took place in one of Norway´s leading ski and spa resorts, which is located in Geilo – Vestlia Resort.

In the evening, the landscape outside the resort was marvellous.


In the huge hall specially designed for yoga practice, the evening session was to start in a few minutes.


The resort holds a large collection of drinking vessels in the lobby and some of them date back to the 1500s.



The resort is beautifully decorated, the extensive use of wood brings in a sense of nature and elegance. IMG_4595.JPG



I went on a mountain trip the following day, it was in the middle of May, however, a large part of the mountain and the river were still covered by snow, but it was not as cold as the pictures below suggested. Tone, the local guide told me that spring usually comes to Geilo in June. She was very friendly and considerate, as she said, she did not want anyone in the group to be left alone. The kindness and friendliness of people should always be appreciated and cherished. This is what makes the experience so unique and memorable.



In order to get to the other side, we had to cross a river, and it meant that either we had to take our shoes off or walk into the river with our shoes on. After a few seconds´ hesitation, I took off my shoes and socks and walked barefoot into the river. It was actually not that freezing as I expected.


After several yoga sessions and a mountain trip, it was time to head home on Sunday. The weather was lovely and the landscape was stunningly beautiful!




Author: Isabelle

Content writer / editor & Language advisor

2 thoughts on “The yoga retreat in Geilo – Norway”

  1. Isabelle, a nice photo-tour through Geilo of Norway!
    I wonder whether you feel sometimes a bit chilly over there, being born in sunny Shanghai?
    A yoga retreat can bring sunshine and joy during a grey day in Norway. 🙂

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    1. Hi Cat, you seem to have an extraordinary ablility to read the underlying thoughts in the texts! Yes you got it right, I’m not quite a winter person, and I always long for the sun. Winter is a bit longer in Norway compared to many other countries, and that’s why we go to warmer places when we’ve got a chance. However, Norway is one of the most beautiful contries in the world with well preserved nature. It’s the ultimate destination for skiing enthusiasts, and summer in Norway is exceptionally pleasent, not too warm, just nice and comfortable. So come and stay with us, it’s lovely to go for a walk in the wood and experience the natural beauty of Norway 😊

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