Why can’t I live without books…


When I am reading a good book, I often have a feeling that the writer is talking to me, I can hear her whispers, like a river flowing through my mind. I can be so moved and  overwhelmed by the feeling of being understood. I am not always understood by the people around me, but it does not matter, I am understood by the books.

They said something that lay deeply in my mind, and in my heart, the thoughts I was not conscious about or capable of expressing myself. Good writers must be very observant, they see things in a different light and have a deeper feeling for things around us. Those things we have overlooked or taken for granted. Books make me get to know myself, and to understand my emotions and the way I  think and behave.


I spent my childhood in Shanghai, and I remember the School Summer holiday usually lasted more than two and half months because of the hot climate. Having a holiday somewhere else was not common practice at that time. Most people had to work throughout summer and children often spent the whole holiday on their own or with their friends. I did spend some time with my friends during the holiday, but I think I was more excited at the thought that I would have unlimited time to read the books which I did not have time to read otherwise. As a kind of preparation for a long holiday, I would borrow loads of books beforehand so that my need for reading was secured. My parents usually left for work at 08.00 in the morning, I was left alone and it was when my reading journey started, I started becoming a wonderer in a world I created for myself. A feeling of sadness and emptiness would emerge when I finished a good book. It felt like I was moving from the imaginary world back to the real word, unwillingly.

I take books with me wherever I go, even if I know I would not get time to read them on that particular day. It gives me a feeling of comfort and reassurance. I know I have the opportunity to withdraw myself from the world whenever needed. When I get lost, I can find myself in the books, piece by piece.

Some quotes from the children’s authors and illustrators who cannot live without books, and they explain why:

Michael Morpurgo:” Reading a good book is like spending time with your best friend. You never want the book to end and you never want the time with the friend to end.”

Johnny Duddle:” I couldn´t live without books because they were my escape, from drizzly Sundays and dark evenings. They fired my imagination and opened up new worlds.”

Marus Sedgwick:” I can´t live without books because books have been my life. Some people seem to think that those of us who read (and perhaps write) books are retreating from reality. In fact,the opposite is true. Art in general and books in particular are paths to understanding the world in which we find ourselves, and I for one find the world infinitely enhanced through the magical transformations that words can create.”

Chris Riddle:




Author: Isabelle

Content writer / editor & Language advisor

25 thoughts on “Why can’t I live without books…”

  1. A good book is like a good friend. Some books remain with us throughout our lives. At each decade, we look at them with new eyes. Even if we change with time, our core values given to us by our loving parents, remain the same. They are our rocks in hard times. Find a good book, make it your friend. Your parents will leave you one day, so will do your friends, but a book will stay with you until your last breath. 🙂


    1. Thank you Ptholome! I’m so glad that you like the post and my thoughts regarding the books. The post is a bit personal, and I was a bit uncertain whether to publish it or not. It’s great that you like it! Thank you 😊


    1. Thanks for the comment Ethan! It’s a good idea. I love books written by Alice Munro, have read all her books, they’re mainly short stories. She’s a Canadian writer and Nobel Prize winner of 2013. She’s exceptionally good at telling stories of ordinary people but in a rather sophisticated way. You don’t always get an answer at the end of the stories, it’s up to the readers to figure out. There’s plenty of room for imagination.


  2. The same here, I like short stories, prose and good novels. Everyone has their own preference when it comes to literature. I hope you’ll find Munro’s books appealing but it doesn’t matter if you don’t 😊 I’m currently reading a short story written my the Japanese writer Haruki Murakami – A Shinagawa Monkey (English version). I like his writing style, it would be good if I’m able to read his books in the original language, but I know nothing about Japanese. I read books in English, Chinese and Norwegian 😊


    1. Thank you Ellie. 😊 Glad we’re on the same boat at this point. When life becomes difficult, the easiest way to withdraw myself is entering the world of books. It’s safe too, I’m never judged in this world, neither will my strange thoughts be misinterpreted . When I re-enter the world, the mind becomes a little clearer, the soul a little stronger. Again, thank you Ellie 😊

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      1. 😊 It’s nice to have company on this boat. How often I remind myself “what peace there may be in silence”. I too become uneasy in the world, that I may be misunderstood for my thoughts. Books are wonderfully safe and teach me more about how to be myself. Have a beautiful day! 😊🌷

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  3. It is hard to find someone who has the exact same personality as you, but it is rather common to meet people who have same traits as you. It is my pleasure to meet you here. Miracles do happen💜💜.

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      1. Isabelle, it is good to get a friend like you on WordPress. Can I’ve your mail-id so that we can get to know about ourselves.


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