The beginning of my yoga journey


I have developed a passion for yoga recently, it gives me the room to explore myself  and the opportunity to push myself beyond my physical limits. I tried yoga many years ago but found it too slow and boring. I needed something more dynamic so jogging has been my favourite sport for more than 20 years.

Having heard about all the benefits associated with Yoga, including increased strength, balance and flexibility, lower blood pressure, and improved mental health, I decided to give myself a new chance. I took part in a free Yoga session arranged by HiYoga last Christmas. The class was divided into two parts – Ashtanga, a more vigorous style of yoga followed by the slow relaxing Yin yoga. Ashtanga yoga was tough enough for me with headstand and bridge poses, an old back injury and a chronic shoulder infection would put a stop to it, I might never manage to reach such a high-level, but I liked the challenges and in particular, the spiritual aspect of yoga.

After trying some of the most common styles of yoga, I have settled on Jivamukti yoga. Founded by David Life and Sharon Gannon in 1984, Jivamukti means “liberation while living”. This is a vinyasa-style practice with theme-based classes. A new theme is introduced at the beginning of every month and then discussed throughout the month. Chanting and music are a part of the practice, and the students are encouraged to apply the yogic philosophy to their daily life. Jivamukti yoga suits me well as it provides me with the physical challenges and at the same time, helps me to maintain my mental balance.

During a yoga session, gradually, I feel unattached to the outside world while my inner world opens up. At the end of the practice, lying on the mat, with the lights turned off, all the thoughts and concerns become light and subtle, they are still there but flying around in a harmonious and harmless way.

My Jivamukti yoga teacher Camilla is very supportive, and she always takes time to give a light neck massage to the participants at the end of the class – an extra comfort that is truly appreciated. Silje is another excellent Jivamukti yoga teacher, her gentle approach makes this otherwise rather dynamic session a relaxing and enjoyable journey.




After 3 1/2 months´ yoga practice, I have managed to do the bridge pose, not a perfect one though 😊

Author: Isabelle

Content writer / editor & Language advisor

11 thoughts on “The beginning of my yoga journey”

  1. Isabelle, you are such an inspiration!!!
    You have beauty and grace in your thoughts and in your posture! 😉
    I’ve been doing a little bit of yoga (a mixture) with my virtual coach Jessica Smith for four years now, and I want to make it to a lifetime habit.


    1. In addition to the dynamic part, I love the spiritual part of yoga which helps me to calm down and collect my thoughts in an otherwise rather hectic day. Hope we continue with our yoga journey and make it a lifetime habit 😊


    1. That would be lovely 😊 I’m not a qualified yoga teacher and I go to yoga classes three times a week. Good if we can practise yoga together, somewhere in India perhaps, we might end up talking about travel experiences 😀
      I lived in Leeds and London when I was a student. Have always been attached to British culture and history. Good to have a chat!

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  2. Good reply 😎 Yeah that would be good if I’m close in India maybe we can catch up 😝 Leeds is up north near me. London is nice but when your from here you never really appreciate it & seem to want to travel afar. Strange but true huh. Always good to connect though!

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  3. After about 1 1/2 years practicing yoga, having started in the summer of 2016, I still can’t achieve any variation on headstand. Nevertheless, yoga has benefited my strength, balance, flexibility, and anxiety levels and at the end of the day that, and not the poses into which I can shape my body, is what counts.
    It’s great that you found a yoga style that suited you, rather than forcing one. As a girl with a constant need for concentrated activity, whether physical or mental, I’ve found that vinyasa yoga best suits me. I’ve never heard of Jivamukti yoga. Perhaps I’ll give it a look for one of my next classes!

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    1. I’m on the same boat, I can’t do any variation on headstand either, handstand seems even challenging to me, I have very week arms. Certainly I need to do some weight exercise in the gym to build up my muscles but I don’t care that much. I’ve made some achievements and have also realised that I can’t do everything. The spiritual part is equally important. I get that kind of peaceful feeling during the practice which I don’t get otherwise. Physical movement + calming music + meditation. Very much needed. I’m a regular runner, and I run a lot in summer. Beside the lake in the woods. Very meditating, a feeling of absolute freedom. Lovely to have a chat!


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