My trip to Shanghai – Part 3



My forth day in Shanghai

I have a loose plan for my forth day in Shanghai with just one thing on my “things to do” list. One of the reasons for taking this trip is to visit my husband´s grandfather who has turned 91 this year. He has been suffering from poor health the past few years. When I mentioned to him that I would be visiting him in April, he almost got excited. He moved home from the hospital a few days before I arrived as he did not want me to visit him in a place, what he called, an institution.

He is very pleased to receive the presents – Salma salmon and his favourite chocolate. He has always believed that Norwegian salmon is of the highest quality in the world.

He insists to reserve a table in a fine restaurant, and despite his age, he recalls my favourite food with ease. During the meal, he keeps telling me how happy he is that I take time to visit him. At this age, he does not have many expectations, some attention seems enough to make it a good day.



My last day in Shanghai

It was raining the whole last night and it is still raining in the morning when I get up. We were supposed to watch cherry blossoms but it does not seem a good idea when it is pouring outside. Our plan B is to visit Huai Hai Road, which is considered the most romantic and charming shopping street in Shanghai. We are not particularly interested in shopping, but this road is also a perfect place for a walk.

The cherry blossom decoration on the front door gives me a feeling of spring, and the small shop sells a variety of items and gifts such as old-fashioned clocks and sewing machine.




A shop that seems to be inspired by the American culture offers furniture and interior items that you may not find elsewhere.






After a long walk, our tired legs call for a well-deserved break. We go to a restaurant built in traditional architecture style offering snacks and dishes from Nanjing, which is considered one of the greatest capital cities of ancient times.


The paper umbrellas and lanterns give a hint of old-fashioned charm.



Rice dumpling soup is one of their specialities, it is the kind of dumplings made of sweet rice, rolled into balls and stuffed with sweet red bean fillings. It is said that this red-coloured soup has a good effect on my skin (again, this has to be taken with a grain of salt). Whether the quality of my skin has been improved I have no idea, but it does taste delicious.


Despite it´s short length, the journey is a great experience. I am grateful that Cao Huan, my good friend for many years has contributed to make it a wonderful adventure. Thank you.

Time to head home, it must be the best ending of the trip!


Author: Isabelle

Content writer / editor & Language advisor

8 thoughts on “My trip to Shanghai – Part 3”

  1. I visited Shanghai a few years ago. The city was full of energy, people and delicious foods!
    I wish to visit there again 🙂


    1. Shanghai is an amazing place, though it may be seen as rather commercial. It’s the place where I was born so I’ll always be attached to it. What I discovered from my last trip is there’s many hidden gems in the city. I explored some of them and I want to discover more. I love nostalgic and beautiful things, things which bring back good old memories 😊


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