My trip to Shanghai – Part 2


My third day in Shanghai

We start the adventure by heading for Qi Bao, an old town located a bit outside Shanghai. There are several bridges of the old-fashioned kind spanning the dark-green river. We spot a few wooden boats either waiting at the riverside or carrying some goods for the locals. The cloudy weather has made the whole town grey and dark but charming enough for the visitors.
It is getting brighter after a while, the restaurant on the left side of the river serves traditional Chinese cuisine.


You can make a wish by writing it down on a red ribbon and hanging it on one of the two “lucky” trees, it is said that your problem may be solved or your dream may come true. (This needs to be taken with a grain of salt:)


On a side street, there is a small shop selling traditional Chinese ceramics, paintings and plants.




Qi Bao is famous for its traditional Chinese street food, numerous small restaurants offer all kinds of dishes such as dumplings, soups, roasted pork, and steamed rice cakes. We go to a family-run tea cafe for an Chinese-style afternoon tea, the cafe offers a limited selection of food but we are fortunate enough to have found some of our favourites – dumplings, wonton soup and rice noodle soup with fried tofu, A pot of tea made of dried fruit is also tasteful. The owner, a friendly woman in her fifties turns out to be the chef. The dishes are rich in flavour despite simple ingredients, absolutely delicious.






The Shanghai Underground network, with its 14 lines, is a great way to get around the city. It is convenient, effective and cheap. A large shopping centre is to be found in all main underground stations, it is perhaps one of the reasons why Shanghai is considered as one of the most commercialised cities in the world.

Our adventure takes another path at night, wandering around the famous Nanjing East Road pedestrians zone, the ultra modern side of Shanghai becomes apparent.




The YongÁn Department Store has a long history. Dated back to 1918, the store has a symbolic character and reflects the historical and cultural changes of Shanghai over time.






Author: Isabelle

Content writer / editor & Language advisor

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