The train trip you can hardly imagine


Without even noticing it, spring is suddenly here. The trees have turned green, the flowers are blossoming. Imagine that you are on a train which takes you through the sea of cherry blossoms, while the smell of the flowers makes you feel that spring is on every inch of your skin.


It is not a dream, this beautiful route is found in China, between Beijing and Badaling, which is the site of the most visited and preserved section of the Great Wall of China. It is about 80 kilometres northwest of urban Beijing city and was built in the Ming Dynasty (1505).


It is not only about the efficiency and comfort, this train trip is also about experience:
gaping out the window at the sea of flowers and the landscape. It is incredible
what nature has to offer.




The colour changes when you take the trip in summer, the same clear blue sky but the landscape turns to deep green.



Then it turns to white in winter, it is like a dream. Surrounded by tranquility, just feel, deeply.




(The pictures are from WeChat ID: Backpack Travel)

Author: Isabelle

Content writer / editor & Language advisor

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